Thursday, June 9, 2011

thing people never realized~

When a girl sticks with liking a guy for a long time through all the crap he gives means she actually loves him.

life is so confusing, don't you think so?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

thing I want to do but never did.

renovate this blog. this blog need something new and fresh. but I don't have great idea or any inspiration...

Monday, June 6, 2011

blame the free time, I'm updating at last...

felt like years I haven't been updating anything... you see, when I want to write any updates, all the ideas gone.. =.="

so anyway I'm in the middle of work hour doing nothing but thinking, and apparently have time to write this post...

Let start with concluding last semester. Shortly said last semester is bittersweet and some kind of turning point in my life. Last year were full with mistakes and it eventually myself feeling more insecure than ever. There's no word to describe how I've felt at the beginning at this semester and how hard the life is at that moment. In the midst of devastation, I was forced by surroundings mostly by pressures and expectations to move on. It's so hard because I failed, and disappointing not just other but myself as well. I admitted, on that moment, my mind is so confused, I can't think straight. With all the negative energies surrounds me, I was having doubt of myself and wanting to give up. Quit studying.

Fortunately, all my best friends gave me their hands to hold on and support in all way they can so I won't give up and give myself another chance to fix what I've messed. Their presence gave me energy and I starting to get a good momentum and put myself in a right track. All the hardships throughout this semesters we went together. And it's not just the hardship, we also share the joyous memories, doing all the crazy and stupid stuff, laugh at silly jokes, crying together while watching sad movies and laugh some more. We've learned a lot of valuable lesson, some from the things happen around us and some from what we watched in HIMYM. It always awesome moment when I'm with them and I'm very grateful to have awesome people in the world as my best friends..

On the study matters, I've become less playful and more serious in studying. I starting to less hating in engineering and putting all those energies to positive vibe and have fun. Seriously, I did have fun learning like I've used to. Final exams went just fine though the last paper was suck, and the result were out last week. All the efforts were paid off. :) At least I can hope doing better next time.

In relationship issue, still single. Guess I'm not really the one who can commit well in relationship plus I'm focusing more on fixing my own life. I think I'll wait a little bit more to be ready for this stuff..hahaha why did I feel awkward while writing this?

anyway, so far my life goes on just fine, no storm or hurricane along the ride. yet. But I'll prepare my best to encounter and lets be hopeful that it won't kill me again.

Oh by the way last week I was busy with my sister's wedding, I still feel tired and exhausted but it was fun.