Wednesday, April 27, 2011

studying, am I?

actually during this time, I was browsing to my old pics and I realized I hardly taking pictures of myself. At the end, I cam-whoring at that corner of the living room. (totally forgot the intention of studying =.=) then I edit.. then I upload it at FB and here..XD

well, hmm....My eyes getting smaller, my cheek getting puffier... study week effect, though during that week, less study and more eating.. =.="

fine, fine.. nak study la ni...

eh, did I ever told you guys, I got a crush on Remy Ishak? I didn't tell kan? Now I told you.. Lame dah, enta why I'm being so secretive about that..XD

ok2. da. nak study. tata.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adele - Turning Tables (With Lyrics)

I listened to all her songs again and again. There is something in her voice keeps me listening on her. Suara yang meruntun jiwa.. I watched her performance of Someone Like You at BRIT award and damn I cried. Its true, what the mc says, she able to describe exactly my feeling by her words and her voice.

Most people agreed with me I know, but there also people who dislike her.. hmmmm..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear friend,

I don't know why I've had to write it here instead of telling you, but I guess you already know this deep inside..

Everyone will face a heartbroken moment and trust me, I do know how it felt but I know I won't felt the same as you feel now because everyone is different. Just so you know, it hurts to see you get hurt and nothing I can do about it. However fear not, as we all are going to be by your side as you walk through this painful moment. We'll give a hand for you to hold on, we'll give you hug to warm you up, we'll lend our ears and hearts to listen on you, our shoulders for you to cry on and we'll always be there so you won't feel all alone. We'll crack a jokes so you'll laugh, we'll sing our hearts together so you can scream out loud.

We'll help you to move on, so you can wear the face, the one where you smile. You always lighten up my heart when I'm about to cry and that's why I'll do the same for you. ^____^

I don't know how to say this right to you but again I think you already know..

Yours truly,
me ^___^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I can't remember when~

the last time I laugh so hard.. ='D

my typical laugh is hmm how I should describe it.? a gesture of giggles and finished it with smile.. seriously, i mean if I laugh 'hard' all this time, just tergoleng2 with no big 'HAHAHA'..

but tonight..I laughed. HARD. the one with big and non-stop HAHAHA. sampai sakit perut.. And it makes me felt wonderful. :)

Reason? nothing much. A cheesy part of my friend's past that makes all of us cringe. HAAHAHAH!

I guess I deserved it. I've been through a lot. A laugh would somehow ease the burden..
Thus, I should be thankful to you my friend. You make me laugh.. XD

p/s: Vanne, kw terharu x baca post tok.? mi goreng! HAAHAHHAHAHA!

Friday, April 15, 2011

poker face~~

Do you know, human being in general are undeniably awesome. There are lots of abilities we do have that we never noticed before. And recently I've found one amusing ability that I never thought I own..(bangga diri la tok)

I am amused by myself actually on how well I am in suppressing all the emotions beyond the smile that I wear everyday. Especially yesterday. Those emotions were wearing me down, but somehow manage to keep the smile =) as for advantages, its better for everyone else. Negativity isn't good. It drags me and everyone around me down. And I don't like that. Look at the bright side, smiling (even its just a pretend) could make this world a little bit better place to live.

On the downside, if it used too often, it somehow killing ourselves inside with no one knows about it. And, yes, it sucks. Imagine how sucks it to be in the crowd with everyone else but you're alone, and it is lonely. =(

Anyway, it is best recommended not to get used with it. There always reason for things to happen, and lets be optimistic =)

p/s: this post macam note-to-self plak.. XD

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Level of Stress

I don't know if everyone can understand this post...

assignments are piling up. no matter berapa banyak sudah saya siapkan, tapi assignment masih banyak.. nampak seperti tiada progres langsung.. ahh aku stress..

kalau masa start semester LOS saya yakni level of stress masih di tahap A. free-flow stress.. stress comes and go..

tgh2 semester level of stress C.. dgn kelas yg susah difahami, assignment yg datang pergi, traffic input dalam brain semakin banyak..

current LOS: thp E sudah.. huhuhu traffic dalam brain sudah congested.. segala beban terperap di dalam jiwa dan raga.. dalam otak juga.. assignment yg datang masih belum pergi2.. laporan masih banyak yg tak tertulis.. lab test dan quiz sedang menunggu.. final exam akan datang x lama lagi.. keadaan pun menjadi chaos dan huru hara..

kesimpulannya: stress yg amat... huhuhu.. anyway korang paham x? x paham? lantak korang XD

Thursday, April 7, 2011

what keeps people alive?

a question that needs to be answer.

for me, the things that keeping my heart still beating is....
EVERYTHING that worth to die for.. because everything that is worth dying for, always, ALWAYS worth living for.. =)

currently, what worth living for is going to be a piece of paper called degree..
I've been through a lot.. so I need to be awesome and get awesome result.

I've started it, creating my own path to it, now I shall make an awesome ending for it, no?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

peluang untuk hidup

kita ada hanya satu peluang untuk hidup. What's you gonna do with that life and how are you going to do it, up to your own choices.

Undeniably, hidup ada ups and down nya, sometimes we're doing great, sometimes we're not. Sometimes we did things that we'd regret. And, yes, there are also times we did foolish acts and stupid mistakes. Tapi itula dinamakan hidup. Even betapa susahnya hidup kita, ada lg yg lbih susah. Jadi, nikmatilah seadanya.

Introduction pasal hidup dh gempak dh, macam philosopher.. XD

Aku stress weh... T_T 2 minggu je tinggal, semua nak siap time tu gak...

Tu je benda yang aku nak tulis sebenarnya... AKU STRESS TAPI SEMPAT LAGI NAK BLOG LEPASNI NAK SIAPKAN INTRO PART 3..... =.="

p/s; harini penamaan calon... (xde kaitan..masih bwh umur >.< x dpt mengndi..)