Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear friend,

I don't know why I've had to write it here instead of telling you, but I guess you already know this deep inside..

Everyone will face a heartbroken moment and trust me, I do know how it felt but I know I won't felt the same as you feel now because everyone is different. Just so you know, it hurts to see you get hurt and nothing I can do about it. However fear not, as we all are going to be by your side as you walk through this painful moment. We'll give a hand for you to hold on, we'll give you hug to warm you up, we'll lend our ears and hearts to listen on you, our shoulders for you to cry on and we'll always be there so you won't feel all alone. We'll crack a jokes so you'll laugh, we'll sing our hearts together so you can scream out loud.

We'll help you to move on, so you can wear the face, the one where you smile. You always lighten up my heart when I'm about to cry and that's why I'll do the same for you. ^____^

I don't know how to say this right to you but again I think you already know..

Yours truly,
me ^___^

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