Saturday, September 15, 2012

Most memorable?

Hi there. Whole lot things happen these past few months, and the most memorable ones are MAP's moments. The best one I had as its probably will be my last time becoming an LO.

I found it really thrilling and challenging to meet and handle new generation of people as they are brilliants. They have their own perspectives on orientation which is different from mine. Nevertheless I had so much fun working together with a bunch of awesome people. Despite not becoming overall champion I still proud with my colleagues and all the juniors for their spirit.

I'm definitely going to miss those moments :'D

Anyway, new semester begin, classes started and I haven't paid part of the subject fees. No more scholarship so money is going to be problem. This semester, I'll be taking 22 hours credit. Whether I'm desperately want to graduate this year or I'm just plain crazy, this semester is going back to basic. All I have to do is study like crazy and get 3 pointer and above. Aminn...

Guess I have nothing else to share so ending up this post with picture of me and these awesome peoples.