Thursday, December 29, 2011


this was tweeted by my friend, Mellvyn. It was awesome, inspiring, breathtaking views. As a person who let say, do not really sleep a lot, I always, watched this moment. I mean the twilight. I sat by the window or sometimes hanging out at the balcony watching the dark blue sky turns bright. Whenever I didn't sleep I always take my time and watch this. It was magnificent to watch with my own eyes and it would be nice if I could capture it like what this blog shown.  This blog makes me feel to have a camera. Even I'm not a trained or skilled photographer, I just want to take the pictures. It would be awesome to have a DSLR camera, cause it helps to capture a better picture, but I'm fine to have a digital camera. As long as I know how to take photograph properly. hehehhehehe :D

Okay. That's enough of berangan. This week is the last week of the year as well as our study week. Bummers. I just got back from Port Dickson three days ago, I haven't edited the pictures and I am so lazy to edit it. We were too busy with jams and shoppings, we just taken few shots. hahaha. Anyway, next post will be about the trip, plus the pictures. :) it's been a while to type a long post with pictures. hehehehe

Saturday, December 10, 2011

officially busy

It's the typical last two weeks before study week. All things we've learned are applied and compiled in one or two projects... assignments, quizzes.. It's really common among students. However this time around it's different kind of busy. The projects are more complicated and demanding high level of skills. Lots and lots of sleepless nights yet works seems never finish.. sigh. A bit exaggerating, eh? but truly, it's been a while I have a good rest. But I endure all that because I already determined to try the hardest this semester. Semester one of my fourth year is gonna end soon, and I really,really, really want that dean list.

People says grade does not measure intelligence. Yeah, it's true. Nevertheless I still want it.I've gone through a lot of failures along the way.. so, at least I did achieve once. To ease my own heart. Anyway, I just went back from watching Puss in the Boots. Awesomeness! mashing it up with Humpty Dumpty and Jack and the Beanstalk is totally a brilliant idea. hehehe.

And later morning I'll have to go to some visit at museums and SCV. hopefully things go great later.. Shall back to my report. so til the next time....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Follow your instinct

I think around 30 minutes ago, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and prepared the bed. Switched the light off and set the alarm. Lie down on the bed and ready to sleep. But as I lied down, guilty rushes in. The works that I've abandoned. Somehow I felt guilty to sleep. Then in a split moment I decided to just wake up rather than goleng2 atas katil trying to sleep when I know I can't. At the end, here I am buka buku steel and try to finish at least part of my works. Sigh. I am overwhelm by the works that made me felt guilty even to sleep. =.=

Moral of the story: As human being I guess I do have some kind of instinct in making a right decision.
p/s: i've becoming more on more workaholics day by day. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


not so though. I might have less and less time to blog now. I didn't blog often anyway. Truthfully, I always want to write a lot of things, because writing keeps my calm. Lots of things happen to me lately. I've had fun with my friends too. But emotionally, I kinda unstable right now. Probably due to the stress I've been dealing with. And yeah, it burdens me. I always want to get rid of it by letting it out, but I'm not really good in sharing emotion parts to others. even with my friends. Let alone to blog about it. I don't know perhaps it's a really personal for me. I share a lot of things with my friends but I always left out the "how do i feel about it" part.  I guess I should give a thought on having my own journal, eh? hahaha.. but yeah, when I have awesome things to share I will write in here, and of course my friends will be the first to know. :) oh before I forgot, farewell November, hope to see you again next year. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


a'ah memang. tadi cakap tak nak edit blog sbab sibuk. ntah pape la. tuptup nilah hasilnya 15 minit kemudian. hahahahahhaha. edit jugak. warna pilihan kali ini kuning. why? entah. aku suka. edit gegitu je. x guna html and whatsoever things yg complicated tuh, ambik jer dr template. senang cerita. bikin poning beta saja. dulu2 rajin ah, siap bagik photoshop background, banner.. haiseh. sekarang dah ada kemudahan, gunakan.. and aku baru tau ada banyak font yang best dah ada. kalau tak, asyik2 arial. isk. oklah udah2 la tu mensia-siakan masa ni. baik start buat assignment karang tak siap, sendiri nangis .

holiday itu cuti

one week of break. lots and lots of things happen during a week. Some were awesome some are bleehh..Well, although there is good internet connection at my home, still malas nak blog. I don't know why. So let's me summarize up things happen during this holiday.

1. Hari Raya Aidil Adha
one of the most memorable moments that I have with my family. First of all, everyone go back this time, which is cool because, it's getting harder to gather around even in holiday. We celebrate it in Mukah, our family style. hehehe. Indulging in seafood barbeque despite the allergic. I rela makan ubat, yang penting, delliiiccioous! Didn't go to the beach this time due to a very scary ribut at the evening, instead I just go to sleep. My mom also booked a masseuse for us, then we have massage treatment kampung style. It was great since I was so tense before holiday.

2. Birthday
yeap, my birthday. Last Wednesday. no celebration. It's my 21st birthday and no celebration. A bit upset though but can't blame it, my family does not really celebrate birthday. The first time I celebrate my birthday was with my friend. Sad, no? So the next day, my brother asked me to go to carwash, cuci itu kancil. I took that opportunities to wander the city alone. XD Ask me 2 tahun lepas to do this, I would say it is crazy, no way I want to wander the city alone. But you know what, sometime, it helps ease your mind. Yeah probably people stare at you, but who cares, right? I did enjoyed my little tour. I go in and out kedai, browsing different stuffs dijual. I even masuk in saloon randomly and ask for a haircut. Yeap, I cut my hair. heheheh:) I always randomly cut my hair. Then last Saturday, I went to Saberkas bought a new laptop as my own birthday gift. ^__^ Last year I got myself le E72, this year I get myself a... wait for it... SONY VAIO. awsome! hehehhe. I picked my favorite colour, which is blue. (I want white actually but they have no stock.:/)

3. Work progress isk. I totally not suppose to holiday. haiseh. Anything pun xda progress. I just started doing work last night. haiseh. That is depressing.

anyway, holiday is over and I'm pretty backed up with works so pretty busy this week. Gosh. I want to edit this blog but I have other things that more important to do.

=.= dah busy sibuk nak komplen.boring pun sibuk nak komplen jugak. apalah nak jadi. eh, aku post dalam English balik la. hahaha isk.rojak rojak.

Friday, November 4, 2011

post penunggu.

post ini wujud because I'm waiting for my dad to picks me up. Holiday.. yeah. okey, nampak sangat tak ikhlas. Actually I don't feel any excitement about the holiday.. No counting days on so forth. Being depressed about fyp and midterm lately ruined a little bit of my holiday's mood. With issues going around recently, totally kills the mood. haiseh. but I shall enjoy it because I'll be bertapa in lab during semester break.huhuhu.. Going back to Mukah this Raya, oh yeah! I can play along with my cute cousins :) Rindu dorang.

On the other matter. My birthday during holiday again.. hehehe :) sadly I won't be around with my friends. Since most of the time my birthday celebration was with my friends, dgn family x sangat. but still at least it's not in exam week. :)

what else? hmm.. Selamat bercuti to everyone. Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslim friends and to me too :) Maaf Zahir Batin. buang yang keruh ambillah yang jernih. peace no war. :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm sad.

I haven't felt like this for a long time. The last time masa 1st time jadi JPK dulu. now macam deja vu plak. I'm sad for a lot of reasons. Its tangled up in my mind all day long. sigh. Entah how to explain. All my life, I always avoid conflicts. That's how I've been raised. I don't go look for troubles. I'm not that adventurous like that. Living cowardly you might say. Not that I care. but yeah, I don't like conflict, because solving it is exhausting.
Another thing about me is I am loyal. I don't intend of boasting or what, but yeah I am loyal. I loyal to what I believe in. And what I believe in is friendship. And whenever my friends need me, I always tried my best to be there. So when my friends having rough time, it's hard for me to ignore about it. Say anything you want but that is what I am. I wish I am stronger so I can get through this.. haiseh.

Monday, October 31, 2011

blaming on what?

today officially jadik fan of He is We. tau tak sape? g google. I first thought band laki.. skali dgar, suara perempuan plak. Actually stumble on their video time cari lagu Greyson Chance.. yang penting I like their songs. ada yang happy, upbeat song, ada jugak yang sad,dark and ominous song. My first fave right now is He is We-Our July in the rain. A very short song but sangat menyayat hati.

anyway post kali ini is about the thoughts yang berlegar dalam minda while hearing their songs. Dalam menghayati lagu2 dorang aku sempat menganalisis sifat2 my past relationships.. well, terfikir, eh, why it doesn't work out? Everything just fine tapi tak sampai ke mana. things I never care before. knapa sampai sekarang I single.. the answer? ntah. I have no idea. but this is perasaan aku about relationship. it scares me out. Being in relationship means you open up your heart to the other half. Open up our heart to someone makes us feel vulnerable. that's the scary part. being vulnerable. entah kenapa, tapi I don't think I'm ready yet to be that close to people. Being hurts once taught you to be more careful next time, no?

ok.dah. mengarut pagi2 buta. bye.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

update kedua

hello! dah nak masuk midsemester dan ini adalah post aku yang kedua.. huh.. sibuk tak sibuk =.=" banyak benda yang menyibukkan aku dan seperkara lagi..laptop ku rosak!!! uwaaa T_T skarang blogging guna laptop lama kakak. sobssobs.. x best y'all, guna laptop orang. haiseh..

anyway, nothing much to update. saya budak tahun 4 so projek ada banyak melambak.huhuhuhu..

and nak crita.. last two weeks, I was a choreographer! awesome.. yes, before sy juga pnah choreographing, but this is different. the 1st choreographing job adalah ntuk performance. this one untuk competition. sempena pesta konvo. and budak2 tu all juniors and mostly first year. so fhm2 jela ke-excited-annya.. it was challenging. why? first sorang pun xde basic modern dance, adela sorang tu okay tp dia budak shuffle. dan diorang sangat passion. that makes my job fun.. betul cakap orang,bila kita buat something yang kita suka, jam berlalu dengan cepat. kalau kat kelas, baru 15 minit duduk, dah start jeling2 kat jam..hahahha anyway, nak cakap, pressure nya semestinya tinggi. Ditambah pulak dengan komitmen2 yang lain.. latihan dahla time malam... tapi apa yang aku suka, we all had fun. And the best part is, jumpa budak Showdown 2011. waseyh.. *actually, aku x pernah tgok pun showdown* anyway, with experiences dan trainings yang diorang ada, of coursela diorang menang. Tapi still aku bangga dengan crew aku, sebab dahla all-girls, then first-timer pulak tu.. so I know korang x baca ni, I really proud u know. terharu..

Tu je la yang aku nak cakap. len kali I cerita lagi k. hahahha

Monday, September 26, 2011

hi. again.

Last post : 9th June. walaoweh. 3months or so.If there is an actual spider duduk lam ni, confirm dah beranak pinak sampai tujuh keturunan.

where I've been? anywhere. It's just I forgot my own password.. TWICE. T_T baru masuk 20, n I already lupa itu ini. Therefore, sekarang tulis password besar2 dekat post-it-note and letak kt wallpaper. =.=

ok. plus masa tu aku stop blogging skjp..XD now the reason knapa aku teruskan blogging wpun bakal bz dgn all the study, is because this is ONE of the things that keeps me sane. :) I need to keep myself sane so I can graduate. :)

what else? later la... I ada kelas on 2pm.. adios!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

thing people never realized~

When a girl sticks with liking a guy for a long time through all the crap he gives means she actually loves him.

life is so confusing, don't you think so?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

thing I want to do but never did.

renovate this blog. this blog need something new and fresh. but I don't have great idea or any inspiration...

Monday, June 6, 2011

blame the free time, I'm updating at last...

felt like years I haven't been updating anything... you see, when I want to write any updates, all the ideas gone.. =.="

so anyway I'm in the middle of work hour doing nothing but thinking, and apparently have time to write this post...

Let start with concluding last semester. Shortly said last semester is bittersweet and some kind of turning point in my life. Last year were full with mistakes and it eventually myself feeling more insecure than ever. There's no word to describe how I've felt at the beginning at this semester and how hard the life is at that moment. In the midst of devastation, I was forced by surroundings mostly by pressures and expectations to move on. It's so hard because I failed, and disappointing not just other but myself as well. I admitted, on that moment, my mind is so confused, I can't think straight. With all the negative energies surrounds me, I was having doubt of myself and wanting to give up. Quit studying.

Fortunately, all my best friends gave me their hands to hold on and support in all way they can so I won't give up and give myself another chance to fix what I've messed. Their presence gave me energy and I starting to get a good momentum and put myself in a right track. All the hardships throughout this semesters we went together. And it's not just the hardship, we also share the joyous memories, doing all the crazy and stupid stuff, laugh at silly jokes, crying together while watching sad movies and laugh some more. We've learned a lot of valuable lesson, some from the things happen around us and some from what we watched in HIMYM. It always awesome moment when I'm with them and I'm very grateful to have awesome people in the world as my best friends..

On the study matters, I've become less playful and more serious in studying. I starting to less hating in engineering and putting all those energies to positive vibe and have fun. Seriously, I did have fun learning like I've used to. Final exams went just fine though the last paper was suck, and the result were out last week. All the efforts were paid off. :) At least I can hope doing better next time.

In relationship issue, still single. Guess I'm not really the one who can commit well in relationship plus I'm focusing more on fixing my own life. I think I'll wait a little bit more to be ready for this stuff..hahaha why did I feel awkward while writing this?

anyway, so far my life goes on just fine, no storm or hurricane along the ride. yet. But I'll prepare my best to encounter and lets be hopeful that it won't kill me again.

Oh by the way last week I was busy with my sister's wedding, I still feel tired and exhausted but it was fun.

Friday, May 6, 2011

And when you cry, cry for a good reason.

This semester is officially ended. I have no mood to write long post so I guess the summary of this semester will be in other post. Well, it doesn't end with a smile, but it ended anyway.

I want to enjoy the last bit of my third year first, so, Ciao!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

::random #1::

I have two more papers left. You know the fear is getting stronger. Fear of failure. Fear of letting people down. Fear of the fear itself. Just thinking about going to exam hall scares me a LOT. Lots of thought, negative ones, wander in my mind..

I know I shouldn't think like that, but last semester seriously wound my confidence. It does make me think twice before I'm saying capable or great at doing something. I hadn't get a guts to take any big risks. I'll tried to lay low but being JPK makes it harder to do so.

dah2. study gik.

p/s: actually I already forgot what I want to blog :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

studying, am I?

actually during this time, I was browsing to my old pics and I realized I hardly taking pictures of myself. At the end, I cam-whoring at that corner of the living room. (totally forgot the intention of studying =.=) then I edit.. then I upload it at FB and here..XD

well, hmm....My eyes getting smaller, my cheek getting puffier... study week effect, though during that week, less study and more eating.. =.="

fine, fine.. nak study la ni...

eh, did I ever told you guys, I got a crush on Remy Ishak? I didn't tell kan? Now I told you.. Lame dah, enta why I'm being so secretive about that..XD

ok2. da. nak study. tata.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adele - Turning Tables (With Lyrics)

I listened to all her songs again and again. There is something in her voice keeps me listening on her. Suara yang meruntun jiwa.. I watched her performance of Someone Like You at BRIT award and damn I cried. Its true, what the mc says, she able to describe exactly my feeling by her words and her voice.

Most people agreed with me I know, but there also people who dislike her.. hmmmm..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear friend,

I don't know why I've had to write it here instead of telling you, but I guess you already know this deep inside..

Everyone will face a heartbroken moment and trust me, I do know how it felt but I know I won't felt the same as you feel now because everyone is different. Just so you know, it hurts to see you get hurt and nothing I can do about it. However fear not, as we all are going to be by your side as you walk through this painful moment. We'll give a hand for you to hold on, we'll give you hug to warm you up, we'll lend our ears and hearts to listen on you, our shoulders for you to cry on and we'll always be there so you won't feel all alone. We'll crack a jokes so you'll laugh, we'll sing our hearts together so you can scream out loud.

We'll help you to move on, so you can wear the face, the one where you smile. You always lighten up my heart when I'm about to cry and that's why I'll do the same for you. ^____^

I don't know how to say this right to you but again I think you already know..

Yours truly,
me ^___^

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I can't remember when~

the last time I laugh so hard.. ='D

my typical laugh is hmm how I should describe it.? a gesture of giggles and finished it with smile.. seriously, i mean if I laugh 'hard' all this time, just tergoleng2 with no big 'HAHAHA'..

but tonight..I laughed. HARD. the one with big and non-stop HAHAHA. sampai sakit perut.. And it makes me felt wonderful. :)

Reason? nothing much. A cheesy part of my friend's past that makes all of us cringe. HAAHAHAH!

I guess I deserved it. I've been through a lot. A laugh would somehow ease the burden..
Thus, I should be thankful to you my friend. You make me laugh.. XD

p/s: Vanne, kw terharu x baca post tok.? mi goreng! HAAHAHHAHAHA!

Friday, April 15, 2011

poker face~~

Do you know, human being in general are undeniably awesome. There are lots of abilities we do have that we never noticed before. And recently I've found one amusing ability that I never thought I own..(bangga diri la tok)

I am amused by myself actually on how well I am in suppressing all the emotions beyond the smile that I wear everyday. Especially yesterday. Those emotions were wearing me down, but somehow manage to keep the smile =) as for advantages, its better for everyone else. Negativity isn't good. It drags me and everyone around me down. And I don't like that. Look at the bright side, smiling (even its just a pretend) could make this world a little bit better place to live.

On the downside, if it used too often, it somehow killing ourselves inside with no one knows about it. And, yes, it sucks. Imagine how sucks it to be in the crowd with everyone else but you're alone, and it is lonely. =(

Anyway, it is best recommended not to get used with it. There always reason for things to happen, and lets be optimistic =)

p/s: this post macam note-to-self plak.. XD

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Level of Stress

I don't know if everyone can understand this post...

assignments are piling up. no matter berapa banyak sudah saya siapkan, tapi assignment masih banyak.. nampak seperti tiada progres langsung.. ahh aku stress..

kalau masa start semester LOS saya yakni level of stress masih di tahap A. free-flow stress.. stress comes and go..

tgh2 semester level of stress C.. dgn kelas yg susah difahami, assignment yg datang pergi, traffic input dalam brain semakin banyak..

current LOS: thp E sudah.. huhuhu traffic dalam brain sudah congested.. segala beban terperap di dalam jiwa dan raga.. dalam otak juga.. assignment yg datang masih belum pergi2.. laporan masih banyak yg tak tertulis.. lab test dan quiz sedang menunggu.. final exam akan datang x lama lagi.. keadaan pun menjadi chaos dan huru hara..

kesimpulannya: stress yg amat... huhuhu.. anyway korang paham x? x paham? lantak korang XD

Thursday, April 7, 2011

what keeps people alive?

a question that needs to be answer.

for me, the things that keeping my heart still beating is....
EVERYTHING that worth to die for.. because everything that is worth dying for, always, ALWAYS worth living for.. =)

currently, what worth living for is going to be a piece of paper called degree..
I've been through a lot.. so I need to be awesome and get awesome result.

I've started it, creating my own path to it, now I shall make an awesome ending for it, no?


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

peluang untuk hidup

kita ada hanya satu peluang untuk hidup. What's you gonna do with that life and how are you going to do it, up to your own choices.

Undeniably, hidup ada ups and down nya, sometimes we're doing great, sometimes we're not. Sometimes we did things that we'd regret. And, yes, there are also times we did foolish acts and stupid mistakes. Tapi itula dinamakan hidup. Even betapa susahnya hidup kita, ada lg yg lbih susah. Jadi, nikmatilah seadanya.

Introduction pasal hidup dh gempak dh, macam philosopher.. XD

Aku stress weh... T_T 2 minggu je tinggal, semua nak siap time tu gak...

Tu je benda yang aku nak tulis sebenarnya... AKU STRESS TAPI SEMPAT LAGI NAK BLOG LEPASNI NAK SIAPKAN INTRO PART 3..... =.="

p/s; harini penamaan calon... (xde kaitan..masih bwh umur >.< x dpt mengndi..)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

thoughts of you

the thoughts of how it'll ends, it scares me. Whatever ahead, we both know it. But it getting deeper than I expected as days passed by.

The risk that I afraid to take. I'm not a risk taker. Because the risk will affect not just me but others. I'm afraid because I can't open up to give more trust.. A boundary that I've been care for a long time I can't step.

p/s: sgt emo...

Friday, March 11, 2011

after a while

blog yg bersawang dan makin usang sudah lama tidak diupdate2..
sibuk and malas nak rambling ak tentu pasal hidup I yg tak terurus..too many works.. rasa macam dah berkejaran sana-sini.. tapi, still masih banyak lagi kerja need to be done..

anyway this one month i left the blog I think I should summarized a few things happen in my life.
  • umm..what to starts 1st.. my life for that one month is pretty much inconsistence.. there are always ups and downs. During holiday I spent time with families and fever keep comes and go through out that week.
  • oh ya, before the holiday I participate in SGT. It s Sakura Got Talent and I danced that night. SOLO. Due to lack practice and I only give myself one week to choreograph it myself.. that 5 minutes is I don't knowhow to describe it.. I'm nervous, I astonished, I embarassed.. Lots thing happen during that 5minutes. My performance not that good, not good as I expected, I even fell down at the end.. adeh , malunya...
  • after holiday aIAa got my new license and yada2! all of sudden I have guts to drive here and there. Is it because its not P anymore? hahahhaah
  • on 26th and 27th me and girlfriends go for a short vacation before the busy things happen at Damai Puri & Spa Resort. It was awesome....Serious awesome...
  • Then, back to become depressed with all those works...
  • There arelotsof pictures but sigh.. mls btul mo upload here...
Actually I don't know what else to write on this post..

p/s: I was looking through all my album pictures, and I realized I am getting bigger. Should I start back my vege diet? it works last time.. I haven't weighed on the scale.. The numbers are freaking me out. (self-conscious mode)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rain is coming!

I love this season.. heheheh it hasn't stop raining since yesterday.. The cold is soothing. Even tough I do have low resistance towards cold and rains but still I love it.

Why do I love rains?
  • Its cold out there
  • I like to walk under the rain..
  • I have better sleep..ehehehe
  • Hot chocolate taste better while reading books hehe
  • There always pretty rainbow after the rains..
  • I love the smell after the rain
  • And I enjoyed the warmness of the sun more than usual...after the rain
But hopefully, jangan sampai banjirla. Modest is the best.. Hahahaha..

p/s: and I still love the rain even I'm flu now..

Friday, January 7, 2011

My name is...

Sepanjang 20tahun. memandangkan nama aku agak panjang, pelbagai nickname yg wujud sampailah berjumpa dengan yang selesa dipanggil.. Xdelah sampai satu list, tapi kalau sekarang cam ada 3 kategori nama mesra.. cewah~ahahaha....

1) Ni kira gelaran general.. Official punya.. so orang yang aku baru kenal, kawan satu course, satu kolej, satu Unimas, lecturers, to anyone yang kenal akula, 1st2 akan ku kenalkan diri as Athy. Panggilan lain tidak akan dilayan.. hahahaha

2) Ni old skool sikit.. Ni hanyalah untuk budak2 yang mengenali aku sejak sekolah menengah. Orang kan panggil aku Atey. Dari aku form 1 sampai form 5 memang itu la yang semua orang panggil.. Athy tu bermula dari zaman matriks dulu.. Tapi ada jugak orang yang aku baru kenal dibuat excecption panggil aku dengan nama ni. Contohnya, kaum famili atau kenalan dari family sendiri. Kawan2 kakakku, ababngku.. Satu lagi golongan adalah orang yang diintroduce atau dikenalkan melalui kawan2 sekolah atau kawan2 rapatku. Of course la kan, sebab since kawan ku panggil aku Atey so yang lain aku basically ikut..

3) ha~ golongan ni special ckit. why? because nama ni actually diolah sendiri oleh diorag sesedaphati, tapi aku rasa ok je.. tapi hanya, close friends aku je yang panggil.. Taytay. Tu yang diorang panggil. Conjugation daripada nnama yang Num 2 tadi diolah dengan sedikit kemanjaan... hahahahaha.. Tapi. Hanya diorang je yang boleh pakai.. Kalau orang lain yang panggil aku dengan nama tu, aku akan rasa sedikit canggung dan pelik.. Nak tegur, kang kecik hati geng, tp tu la.. hanya diorg sajaada privileges untuk panggil aku dengan nama ni.. kalau orang lain, mesti aku awkward giler.. giler yang sesungguhnya awkward...

apa2 pun,asalkan bukan panggilan yang menghina aku okay lagi kot..
dan yang penting lepas ni aku ada kelas,so chow cin chow!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In other words

people like her that I amazed every single time. People who can put words and melodies in sync. I don't really have this kind of creativity and talent so I am absolutely amazed by them.All of her songs are my favourites.

"One of a Kind"

as love comes and goes
i feel like giving up
so i'm praying for a better day
to come my way when
i feel as though hope is gone

oh, i dwell on the 'maybe's"
and my mind's going crazy
from the past i can't erase
still you say that you love me
and say that that you want me
this i can't explain

(cause) after all
all of this time
there's been no one else
who stuck right by my side
once in a lifetime
not looking for a sign
to realize you are one of a kind

the way you are
never ceases to amaze me
you light up my eyes
like the sun
you're always there even when
the pouring rain falls down

oh, i don't know where i'm going
i keep hesitating walking down
this lonely road
so i'll walk right beside
i'll never want to leave you
you're the one i'm leaning on

i never want to stop loving you
i never want to stop wanting you
you're my everything
you make me sing
without you i just don't know what i'd do
without you my life is through
there's never a doubt in my heart
and my mind
oh, its true...

Truthfully, this thing alone can lift up mymood and makes my day.. =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my life so far

2 days already in UNIMAS and I haven't go to class yet. It's not my fault though, the classes were cancelled plus I still have fever.. Sigh..I've ended last year with sickness.

After thinking it thoroughly, I 've decided to take easy this year. Started with study, this semester I only take 13 credit hours. Good news is I got a place in German class. Yeay! After waiting a while, luck is on my side tonight. I really enjoying learning foreign languages so taking German Language is not just for pointer but it will be fun too. hehehehe. I can't wait to go to class though I missed the first class last Monday..

And I've sensed that I'll have problem with money since I have to save a lot for future use. Money is never enough, so I think I should be more careful on my spending habit otherwise things are getting harder later on.

Another change that I've made around this year is... jeng..jeng..jeng... wearing a ring.. hahaha Not a big deal to most of people but it is for me. When I was 13 I did say that I only wear ring after I engaged. Hahaha.. I don't remember what was the reason but since then I didn't wear a ring. But yesterday, somehow I feel like I want to wear it. After a lot of thinking, I bought a simple one for myself.. Still feeling a bit weird and awkward while wearing it though... Fuhh.. seriously, I consider wearing a ring is one of big change in me. hehehe

For my own healthy, this year I'll try to take car of myself better. My exercise regime hasn't started yet, but in terms of food, I'm doing good. I try to drink a lot of water,reduce junk foods intake, eat more proteins, and most of all didn't take for granted about what I eat... I'll start dancing again soon enough so it will helps i my mission of being fit and healthy.

I guess that's all the changes made in my life so far. Its going to be tough journey ahead so I really hoping that I'll be strong enough so I won't break.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


yeah.. it comes.. Happy New Year everyone!
Have to say, 2010 brings joy and tears and another year of me growing up. Though it starts bad and ended quite bad, but I do learn a lot by it..

Nothing much to say.. And no resolution this year. I'm think I'll try to live my life as happy as possible..