Thursday, January 6, 2011

In other words

people like her that I amazed every single time. People who can put words and melodies in sync. I don't really have this kind of creativity and talent so I am absolutely amazed by them.All of her songs are my favourites.

"One of a Kind"

as love comes and goes
i feel like giving up
so i'm praying for a better day
to come my way when
i feel as though hope is gone

oh, i dwell on the 'maybe's"
and my mind's going crazy
from the past i can't erase
still you say that you love me
and say that that you want me
this i can't explain

(cause) after all
all of this time
there's been no one else
who stuck right by my side
once in a lifetime
not looking for a sign
to realize you are one of a kind

the way you are
never ceases to amaze me
you light up my eyes
like the sun
you're always there even when
the pouring rain falls down

oh, i don't know where i'm going
i keep hesitating walking down
this lonely road
so i'll walk right beside
i'll never want to leave you
you're the one i'm leaning on

i never want to stop loving you
i never want to stop wanting you
you're my everything
you make me sing
without you i just don't know what i'd do
without you my life is through
there's never a doubt in my heart
and my mind
oh, its true...

Truthfully, this thing alone can lift up mymood and makes my day.. =)