Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my life so far

2 days already in UNIMAS and I haven't go to class yet. It's not my fault though, the classes were cancelled plus I still have fever.. Sigh..I've ended last year with sickness.

After thinking it thoroughly, I 've decided to take easy this year. Started with study, this semester I only take 13 credit hours. Good news is I got a place in German class. Yeay! After waiting a while, luck is on my side tonight. I really enjoying learning foreign languages so taking German Language is not just for pointer but it will be fun too. hehehehe. I can't wait to go to class though I missed the first class last Monday..

And I've sensed that I'll have problem with money since I have to save a lot for future use. Money is never enough, so I think I should be more careful on my spending habit otherwise things are getting harder later on.

Another change that I've made around this year is... jeng..jeng..jeng... wearing a ring.. hahaha Not a big deal to most of people but it is for me. When I was 13 I did say that I only wear ring after I engaged. Hahaha.. I don't remember what was the reason but since then I didn't wear a ring. But yesterday, somehow I feel like I want to wear it. After a lot of thinking, I bought a simple one for myself.. Still feeling a bit weird and awkward while wearing it though... Fuhh.. seriously, I consider wearing a ring is one of big change in me. hehehe

For my own healthy, this year I'll try to take car of myself better. My exercise regime hasn't started yet, but in terms of food, I'm doing good. I try to drink a lot of water,reduce junk foods intake, eat more proteins, and most of all didn't take for granted about what I eat... I'll start dancing again soon enough so it will helps i my mission of being fit and healthy.

I guess that's all the changes made in my life so far. Its going to be tough journey ahead so I really hoping that I'll be strong enough so I won't break.

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ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

selamat tahun baru sis...belaja bena2..huhu