Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rain is coming!

I love this season.. heheheh it hasn't stop raining since yesterday.. The cold is soothing. Even tough I do have low resistance towards cold and rains but still I love it.

Why do I love rains?
  • Its cold out there
  • I like to walk under the rain..
  • I have better sleep..ehehehe
  • Hot chocolate taste better while reading books hehe
  • There always pretty rainbow after the rains..
  • I love the smell after the rain
  • And I enjoyed the warmness of the sun more than usual...after the rain
But hopefully, jangan sampai banjirla. Modest is the best.. Hahahaha..

p/s: and I still love the rain even I'm flu now..


Miss Mellisa said...

I love the rain too..very comforting :)

Lady_E said...

tapi nak kah mun ujan, readin novel ble2 jak pe ttdo..:) appy for me jak kot..

taytay said...

miss mellisa; oh yeah :) high five!
lady E: apply to u mungkin..hehehe