Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I always have idea what to write. But I don't really write that much in this blog. It just scripted at the back of my mind. It happens when I'm walking or in the middle of something. I saw things, or hear things, or whatever event happened, I always throw my own opinion and commentary based on my perspective. Of course it only happens in my mind. When I'm sit in front of my laptop, ready to write, nothing comes out. Maybe I'm just not a word person. Like right now. To be honest, there are tonnes of things scattered in my brain right now, I just don't know how to express it in words. 

So that's where the thought of journal came. I thought I should have a journal. A daily journal where I can put down whatever in my mind right at that moment. I never have a diary or journal before. So it might be awesome to have one..  Maybe I'll start to have one this year. Maybe not. Who knows. 

Is anyone keeping their diary these days? I have a very conservative idea,eh? hahaha. Well, November is coming. I'm excited and terrified at the same time to make some changes in my life. Here comes 22! :D

Monday, October 22, 2012

the one that got away

do u ever have this one in your life? because I think I do.
It starts with..  I know this guy. from a friend of mine. We met and we dated each other for a while. Until one point, for some reason, I made a choice and walk away. I guess I was young back then, thus I don't understand much on love. Not that I'm totally understand about it, but I learned a lot these past few years.

I guess, maybe  that kind of guy is the one I'm looking for. He knows me. Simple things about me. What I like, what I don't like, even the things that I'm not aware doing it. One thing I learned from knowing him is to appreciate little things happen around you. To enjoy life a little more. Because the most unforgettable memories about him were the spontaneous, unplanned, simple things we do together. :D

Well, next time, for the next guy, I shall learn how to commit myself, to share, and to be more open up to others. Be more accepting other. Little details sometimes matter the most.  He might be the one that got away, but if I met someone like him, I'll stay.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Touch every ocean

I think at some point of  our lives we had thought of exploring the world. Plan some backpack trip or something. See other countries. So do I. I always dreamed to have the chance to travel around the world by any means. I still dream about it until now. Mostly because of what I see in movies or internet nevertheless it motivates me to push harder and keep working hard. I know I probably not going to go every single country that ever existed in the earth but I do hope that I will go see most of it. :D

What I want to do when I go travel?

  • taking pictures. duhh.
  • eat. local food of course.
  • go to their museums.
  • go to the places that shown in NG.
  • save one of their bill and coin as the souvenir.
  • have one day break from touring. sit back. drink coffee and just watch people
  • touch every ocean :D
Where I want to go the most?
  • all places that used to be in HP scenes :D the outdoor one, of course.
  • All the Titanic landmarks; places of it built, the engineers, and the factories site that used to be the place that supply for titanic.
  • Vajont Dam. used to be the tallest dam that caused a 200m tsunami destroying a whole village. 
  • places that have old buildings and architecture. weird one also. Because I love to watch buliding :3
That's so far what I had in mind but if I can do more stuff I will. I hope so. :)

p/s: I stole the picture above from my friend's fb. :p