Sunday, October 7, 2012

Touch every ocean

I think at some point of  our lives we had thought of exploring the world. Plan some backpack trip or something. See other countries. So do I. I always dreamed to have the chance to travel around the world by any means. I still dream about it until now. Mostly because of what I see in movies or internet nevertheless it motivates me to push harder and keep working hard. I know I probably not going to go every single country that ever existed in the earth but I do hope that I will go see most of it. :D

What I want to do when I go travel?

  • taking pictures. duhh.
  • eat. local food of course.
  • go to their museums.
  • go to the places that shown in NG.
  • save one of their bill and coin as the souvenir.
  • have one day break from touring. sit back. drink coffee and just watch people
  • touch every ocean :D
Where I want to go the most?
  • all places that used to be in HP scenes :D the outdoor one, of course.
  • All the Titanic landmarks; places of it built, the engineers, and the factories site that used to be the place that supply for titanic.
  • Vajont Dam. used to be the tallest dam that caused a 200m tsunami destroying a whole village. 
  • places that have old buildings and architecture. weird one also. Because I love to watch buliding :3
That's so far what I had in mind but if I can do more stuff I will. I hope so. :)

p/s: I stole the picture above from my friend's fb. :p

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