Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grammar Nazi

I don't think I'm good enough to be that. However it does upsets me so much when people keep using wrong word for the sentences. When I mentioned people here, that includes me too as well. I'm not good in English. Back then I was so embarrassed on my lack of communication skills I avoid speaking in English. Then, comes MUET. That's when I learned to improve my English. So now, I guess I am more confident than before. How did I did it? I learned a lot. I practiced a lot. I made a lot of mistakes before, so I learned  from my mistake. So it does upsets me when other people don't have the effort to improve themselves in language. Whatever language it is. Whenever others correcting them, they are offended with that and called them names. Grammar Nazis.. etc...  Sigh.

Well, I just ranting about that because nowadays people taking it for granted. Language is important. It is the vital tool for communication. If it was not being used properly, the message send would not be interpret properly either. Not that we have to talk in formal language all the time, I'm not. I used 'rojak' language every time. But when it comes to formal or official occasion, it helps a lot if we know how to convey the context of the message properly. :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love is??

"In tennis, love is zero. No matter how many zeroes you'll add, you still lose miserably."
"Love is zero, eh? That's right. Love is "zero". Zero is the beginning, the start. Love is Zero as we depart from there and evolves. So Love is zero!"
-Detective  Conan ep 20-

I love romance bits in this anime. It always makes me teary-eyed for some reason :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I always have idea what to write. But I don't really write that much in this blog. It just scripted at the back of my mind. It happens when I'm walking or in the middle of something. I saw things, or hear things, or whatever event happened, I always throw my own opinion and commentary based on my perspective. Of course it only happens in my mind. When I'm sit in front of my laptop, ready to write, nothing comes out. Maybe I'm just not a word person. Like right now. To be honest, there are tonnes of things scattered in my brain right now, I just don't know how to express it in words. 

So that's where the thought of journal came. I thought I should have a journal. A daily journal where I can put down whatever in my mind right at that moment. I never have a diary or journal before. So it might be awesome to have one..  Maybe I'll start to have one this year. Maybe not. Who knows. 

Is anyone keeping their diary these days? I have a very conservative idea,eh? hahaha. Well, November is coming. I'm excited and terrified at the same time to make some changes in my life. Here comes 22! :D

Monday, October 22, 2012

the one that got away

do u ever have this one in your life? because I think I do.
It starts with..  I know this guy. from a friend of mine. We met and we dated each other for a while. Until one point, for some reason, I made a choice and walk away. I guess I was young back then, thus I don't understand much on love. Not that I'm totally understand about it, but I learned a lot these past few years.

I guess, maybe  that kind of guy is the one I'm looking for. He knows me. Simple things about me. What I like, what I don't like, even the things that I'm not aware doing it. One thing I learned from knowing him is to appreciate little things happen around you. To enjoy life a little more. Because the most unforgettable memories about him were the spontaneous, unplanned, simple things we do together. :D

Well, next time, for the next guy, I shall learn how to commit myself, to share, and to be more open up to others. Be more accepting other. Little details sometimes matter the most.  He might be the one that got away, but if I met someone like him, I'll stay.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Touch every ocean

I think at some point of  our lives we had thought of exploring the world. Plan some backpack trip or something. See other countries. So do I. I always dreamed to have the chance to travel around the world by any means. I still dream about it until now. Mostly because of what I see in movies or internet nevertheless it motivates me to push harder and keep working hard. I know I probably not going to go every single country that ever existed in the earth but I do hope that I will go see most of it. :D

What I want to do when I go travel?

  • taking pictures. duhh.
  • eat. local food of course.
  • go to their museums.
  • go to the places that shown in NG.
  • save one of their bill and coin as the souvenir.
  • have one day break from touring. sit back. drink coffee and just watch people
  • touch every ocean :D
Where I want to go the most?
  • all places that used to be in HP scenes :D the outdoor one, of course.
  • All the Titanic landmarks; places of it built, the engineers, and the factories site that used to be the place that supply for titanic.
  • Vajont Dam. used to be the tallest dam that caused a 200m tsunami destroying a whole village. 
  • places that have old buildings and architecture. weird one also. Because I love to watch buliding :3
That's so far what I had in mind but if I can do more stuff I will. I hope so. :)

p/s: I stole the picture above from my friend's fb. :p

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Most memorable?

Hi there. Whole lot things happen these past few months, and the most memorable ones are MAP's moments. The best one I had as its probably will be my last time becoming an LO.

I found it really thrilling and challenging to meet and handle new generation of people as they are brilliants. They have their own perspectives on orientation which is different from mine. Nevertheless I had so much fun working together with a bunch of awesome people. Despite not becoming overall champion I still proud with my colleagues and all the juniors for their spirit.

I'm definitely going to miss those moments :'D

Anyway, new semester begin, classes started and I haven't paid part of the subject fees. No more scholarship so money is going to be problem. This semester, I'll be taking 22 hours credit. Whether I'm desperately want to graduate this year or I'm just plain crazy, this semester is going back to basic. All I have to do is study like crazy and get 3 pointer and above. Aminn...

Guess I have nothing else to share so ending up this post with picture of me and these awesome peoples.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

could it be?

Hi! again.
Blogging from a friend's hostel. Yes, it's been holiday for weeks now, but here I am in UNIMAS. I guess it doesn't matter where it is, as long as I get to hang out with my friends. Living at home sometimes drive me crazy. I rarely talk with my family. Yeah we always gather around during dinner and talk about stuff, but most of the time I just listen to them. Then, back to room doing nothing. I'm a bit reserved at home, the only time I opened myself up to others are only when I'm with friends. I don't know how it turns out like, but that's pretty much how I roll. Weekend is pretty much a getaway for me so I can't go sleepover and hang out and most importantly, talk then others would listen to my story without degrading me or anything like that.

Anyway it's been fun this weekend, my friend came all the way from Bintulu just to meet us. Though we didn't go to Rainfest, well, we had fun in our own way. =) Watched The Amazing Spiderman which is totally amazing. At first, kinda worried because my other friend said it was boring.. hmm, maybe superhero movies are ain't her thing. We also just strolling around the malls, do what girls always do, shopping. Window shopping to be exact because I'm broke now, so can't buy those gorgeous heels. It's been a while since the last heel I bought.

Later in the morning will go for a little trip to Simunjan to visit my grandparents. I honestly have any feeling about the trip. I'm not that excited, but not that frustrated either. So I guess I'll just go with the flow. My dad told me that we'll leaving on 9 am, but my dad never been punctual on anything. Still I have to wake up early to drive back to home.

This blog post is totally unnecessary at all. There is no purpose writing this, but I just feel to write anything.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


So... it's been a while. Busy with life is not the excuses this time around, it's just I don't really feel to write down my feelings anymore or share it with anyone. I rather keep it in myself. Anyway, I do miss blogging. Writing all stupid rants, letting other knows life in my perspective.. and one twitter post just have 150 characters, so it ends me hovering people's timeline with ranting and being emo. hahaha..

ok move on with an interesting hashtag from twitter: #masakecildulu
To be honest, I don't really have that exciting childhood. Most of the time, I study literally days and nights to keep the good grades. I don't go to sleepover, I don't really have many friends anyway. Since I have asthma, my play time restricted to spending time reading books in library or jalan2 at playground watching other kids having fun. Sounds depressing eh, but truly for me it didn't. Reading books is one way for me to escape from reality, so it's fun for me. And when I was a kid, I'm really introvert. I'm socially awkward even with my classmates, probably because I spent time reading books more than talking to friends.

I wasn't really girly to begin with, but not as boyish and rough as I am right now. I wore gowns and skirts on daily basis. From time to time, I changed from being shy and quiet to this rough girl. I have more boy friends than girls, I started to play sports, I learned boxing (O.O"), I don't wear dresses or skirts on regular basis, I have tons of t-shirts and jeans, I cut my hair short most of the time (when I was a kid, my hair is pretty long) and I act like a boy more than a refined girl should act. =.="

Honestly, I don't really quite sure what changed me. Maybe it comes naturally. One thing for sure, no matter how rough I look outside, I'm still a girl inside. I'm sensitive, I have mood swings, I'm a crybaby, what else, I screamed like a girl, I always have a lot of things in my mind and when I say it's nothing it probably means a lot of thing. And one critical thing, I like guys. Since I have a lot of guy friends, sometimes I did have a crush on them but I quickly brush it off. I really don't know why people around me being curious on my sexuality. Tons of girl out there are boyish and have a short hair and not all of them like girls. At first I was offended when they questioning it, but now I just answered it nonchalantly even make a jokes out of it.

Anyway, for this 22 years of my life, I changed a lot basically to fit in myself in certain environment and mostly to make myself somehow belong to this world.
This is me. hahaha. Just kidding, this is SobiSobi, the pet hamster.

This is me. Really.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

life updates.

hi. I'm still alive. okthxbai.

hahaha. gosh. now dah dekat hujung bulan March. I'm so lazy. pfft. Well, it's been lazy times these few months. Plus I don't know la, lots of things happen, I can't quite catch up too let alone to share it to people. The last post I thought about telling bout the trips, but since it has been months after the trip, macam xda mood plak nak tulis. anyway these are my life updates so far:

  • I am officially my family's driver. So it's kinda sucks because there are times when I just don't want to move anywhere and stays in my bed, but then mom ask this or that, or my sister want to go to Spring to shop. 
  • I also officially not going to graduate this year. Yes. I'm extending two more years. With all nosy cousins and relatives keep asking for reason, it's pretty intimidating. And yes I'm pretty upset about it too. Well who's not, right? No one ever plans to extend their study. My friends are going to grad this year and I'll just there to congratulate them, it sounds pretty pathetic and sad. What to do~ What's done is done..
  • Anyway, I have found my passion. Firstly, I agree that engineering is not my passion. I've been struggling  really to ensure that I'm not fail terribly which sometimes I do. And this semester, I've pretty much figured out what I'd love to do if I want to keep being in engineering field in future. I think I am moving toward soil mechanics and engineering. I don't know if it was because FYP related with soils but I found it really interesting to study about it. And I am more to the soil dynamics. I'll guess 90% is because I took that subject as my elective course, and Prof Kaniraj really good at teaching us that. What I love about soil mechanics is it's so unpredictable. There is no definite pattern or characteristic. Yes, the assumptions are based on ideal condition but earth is not ideal. Different things happen in different places. It's so mysterious that keeps me want to know more and more. I can talk about soil for hours and be amuse about that at the same time. hahaha. Somehow I can see where I'm headed. I make plans for me. I even have a thought about sambung Master for this. 
  • I notice that when I'm being a bias, it's really shown. My other subject note books have unrelated doodles here and there, but in my Soil Dynamic notebooks I write all the important notes. I even did all the exercises and tutorials. I have this post-it-notes here and there emphasize the details and what not. I'm so bias. hahahaha!
  • I've started to watch National Geographic! wow~ before I never really open that channel. But these days the shows are really interesting
  • I'm a fan of reality shows. So 80% of shows that I've watched are reality show. SYTYCD, American Idol, The Voice, KPOP Stars and so on.. In SYTYCD, I love Melanie and Marko, and yes I do know Melanie won this season. Yay! In American Idol, I've yet to be fan of anyone. In The Voice, I'm a fan of lot of contestants. Lindsay Pavao is #1, #2 is Mathai (I love her version of 'Rumor Has It'), and the third is Pip because he is so adorable! oh. I forgot. I love Charlotte Sometimes and Juliet Simms too. I've been fan of both artists even before they joining The Voice. In Kpop Star, I love Lee Ha Yi with her soulful voice. And from this show I've got to know a lot really good songs and singers. For example a few Korean ballads, which are actually really awesome and menyayat hati. And also I found Rachael Yamagata which has a lot of beautiful songs. 
  • What else? hmmm.. I've lose some weight the other week that gained some on the next. But I gain more than I lose so... Sigh.. I am conscious about my weight yet I didn't really try to lose it down. I still eat a lot, I don't exercise. Haiseh so unhealthy...
  • These few weeks has been really stressful. It was a busy week but I grew accustomed to it, so less stress about it. But somehow I felt down most of the times. Maybe because I don't get enough rest or sleep or social interaction perhaps. I was emo-ish the whole week sampaikan I secluded myself from others. I want to share it to my best friends but I don't really know how to explain it to them. It just like clutters in my head that no one would understand. Sometimes I tried to write my thoughts and post it in my FB or twitter or here but then I deleted it. Saying something like 'feels like my life doesn't feel worthy anymore and I just want it to be over' sure will raise some concerns to other people especially those who are close to me. Even me, myself thought it sounds like suicidal and I don't mean in that way.. After a few days, I pull myself together and get through the day. Enjoy what I can. I feel better now, not that emo-ish anymore. It's probably due to some hormonal imbalance makes me feel that way.
I'm out of ideas. But actually there are really lots of things going in my life right now and I am really busy trying to balance it out. Nevertheless, I'm happy to know that I found something that I'll love. Maybe next time I'll found SOMEONE to love. hehehehe. :D