Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grammar Nazi

I don't think I'm good enough to be that. However it does upsets me so much when people keep using wrong word for the sentences. When I mentioned people here, that includes me too as well. I'm not good in English. Back then I was so embarrassed on my lack of communication skills I avoid speaking in English. Then, comes MUET. That's when I learned to improve my English. So now, I guess I am more confident than before. How did I did it? I learned a lot. I practiced a lot. I made a lot of mistakes before, so I learned  from my mistake. So it does upsets me when other people don't have the effort to improve themselves in language. Whatever language it is. Whenever others correcting them, they are offended with that and called them names. Grammar Nazis.. etc...  Sigh.

Well, I just ranting about that because nowadays people taking it for granted. Language is important. It is the vital tool for communication. If it was not being used properly, the message send would not be interpret properly either. Not that we have to talk in formal language all the time, I'm not. I used 'rojak' language every time. But when it comes to formal or official occasion, it helps a lot if we know how to convey the context of the message properly. :)

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