Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rain is coming!

I love this season.. heheheh it hasn't stop raining since yesterday.. The cold is soothing. Even tough I do have low resistance towards cold and rains but still I love it.

Why do I love rains?
  • Its cold out there
  • I like to walk under the rain..
  • I have better sleep..ehehehe
  • Hot chocolate taste better while reading books hehe
  • There always pretty rainbow after the rains..
  • I love the smell after the rain
  • And I enjoyed the warmness of the sun more than usual...after the rain
But hopefully, jangan sampai banjirla. Modest is the best.. Hahahaha..

p/s: and I still love the rain even I'm flu now..

Friday, January 7, 2011

My name is...

Sepanjang 20tahun. memandangkan nama aku agak panjang, pelbagai nickname yg wujud sampailah berjumpa dengan yang selesa dipanggil.. Xdelah sampai satu list, tapi kalau sekarang cam ada 3 kategori nama mesra.. cewah~ahahaha....

1) Ni kira gelaran general.. Official punya.. so orang yang aku baru kenal, kawan satu course, satu kolej, satu Unimas, lecturers, to anyone yang kenal akula, 1st2 akan ku kenalkan diri as Athy. Panggilan lain tidak akan dilayan.. hahahaha

2) Ni old skool sikit.. Ni hanyalah untuk budak2 yang mengenali aku sejak sekolah menengah. Orang kan panggil aku Atey. Dari aku form 1 sampai form 5 memang itu la yang semua orang panggil.. Athy tu bermula dari zaman matriks dulu.. Tapi ada jugak orang yang aku baru kenal dibuat excecption panggil aku dengan nama ni. Contohnya, kaum famili atau kenalan dari family sendiri. Kawan2 kakakku, ababngku.. Satu lagi golongan adalah orang yang diintroduce atau dikenalkan melalui kawan2 sekolah atau kawan2 rapatku. Of course la kan, sebab since kawan ku panggil aku Atey so yang lain aku basically ikut..

3) ha~ golongan ni special ckit. why? because nama ni actually diolah sendiri oleh diorag sesedaphati, tapi aku rasa ok je.. tapi hanya, close friends aku je yang panggil.. Taytay. Tu yang diorang panggil. Conjugation daripada nnama yang Num 2 tadi diolah dengan sedikit kemanjaan... hahahahaha.. Tapi. Hanya diorang je yang boleh pakai.. Kalau orang lain yang panggil aku dengan nama tu, aku akan rasa sedikit canggung dan pelik.. Nak tegur, kang kecik hati geng, tp tu la.. hanya diorg sajaada privileges untuk panggil aku dengan nama ni.. kalau orang lain, mesti aku awkward giler.. giler yang sesungguhnya awkward...

apa2 pun,asalkan bukan panggilan yang menghina aku okay lagi kot..
dan yang penting lepas ni aku ada kelas,so chow cin chow!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In other words

people like her that I amazed every single time. People who can put words and melodies in sync. I don't really have this kind of creativity and talent so I am absolutely amazed by them.All of her songs are my favourites.

"One of a Kind"

as love comes and goes
i feel like giving up
so i'm praying for a better day
to come my way when
i feel as though hope is gone

oh, i dwell on the 'maybe's"
and my mind's going crazy
from the past i can't erase
still you say that you love me
and say that that you want me
this i can't explain

(cause) after all
all of this time
there's been no one else
who stuck right by my side
once in a lifetime
not looking for a sign
to realize you are one of a kind

the way you are
never ceases to amaze me
you light up my eyes
like the sun
you're always there even when
the pouring rain falls down

oh, i don't know where i'm going
i keep hesitating walking down
this lonely road
so i'll walk right beside
i'll never want to leave you
you're the one i'm leaning on

i never want to stop loving you
i never want to stop wanting you
you're my everything
you make me sing
without you i just don't know what i'd do
without you my life is through
there's never a doubt in my heart
and my mind
oh, its true...

Truthfully, this thing alone can lift up mymood and makes my day.. =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

my life so far

2 days already in UNIMAS and I haven't go to class yet. It's not my fault though, the classes were cancelled plus I still have fever.. Sigh..I've ended last year with sickness.

After thinking it thoroughly, I 've decided to take easy this year. Started with study, this semester I only take 13 credit hours. Good news is I got a place in German class. Yeay! After waiting a while, luck is on my side tonight. I really enjoying learning foreign languages so taking German Language is not just for pointer but it will be fun too. hehehehe. I can't wait to go to class though I missed the first class last Monday..

And I've sensed that I'll have problem with money since I have to save a lot for future use. Money is never enough, so I think I should be more careful on my spending habit otherwise things are getting harder later on.

Another change that I've made around this year is... jeng..jeng..jeng... wearing a ring.. hahaha Not a big deal to most of people but it is for me. When I was 13 I did say that I only wear ring after I engaged. Hahaha.. I don't remember what was the reason but since then I didn't wear a ring. But yesterday, somehow I feel like I want to wear it. After a lot of thinking, I bought a simple one for myself.. Still feeling a bit weird and awkward while wearing it though... Fuhh.. seriously, I consider wearing a ring is one of big change in me. hehehe

For my own healthy, this year I'll try to take car of myself better. My exercise regime hasn't started yet, but in terms of food, I'm doing good. I try to drink a lot of water,reduce junk foods intake, eat more proteins, and most of all didn't take for granted about what I eat... I'll start dancing again soon enough so it will helps i my mission of being fit and healthy.

I guess that's all the changes made in my life so far. Its going to be tough journey ahead so I really hoping that I'll be strong enough so I won't break.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


yeah.. it comes.. Happy New Year everyone!
Have to say, 2010 brings joy and tears and another year of me growing up. Though it starts bad and ended quite bad, but I do learn a lot by it..

Nothing much to say.. And no resolution this year. I'm think I'll try to live my life as happy as possible..