Friday, July 30, 2010


Demam datang lagi. Huhuhu.. Harap2 demam ini hanya ajak2 ayam sahaja. Esok ada orientasi, jadi fasilitator nak handle junior haruslah berseri. Tapi serious shit, sebab demam nila banyak benda aku terlepas. First rapat umum macam apa, aku merapu dah semua orang pun baik hati mendengar. Tak dapat nak menderma darah (Ada hati jgak walaupun tau pitam kalau tengok darah banyak sangat) dan sekarang tengah terlepas upacara mentor mentee day. Apa kejadah aku nak sedih sangat tak turun? Sebab ada BBQ!! free lagi tu! isk2.. sampai hati.. tapi xpa, pesan kawan baikkan hati tapau untuk aku, siap minta tolong dia pergi ambil map dekat ofis lecturer. Map tu takde kaitan dengan mentor mentee tapi kene fotostat untuk projek dan menambahkan bilangan2 map yang bersepah dalam bilik. Bakal engineer ni..LOL!

Berkenaan dengan demam.. seminggu dah ni wey, x pandai nak sembuh. Orang x dpt nak dengar sgt apa ku cakap sebab sora sengau..huhuuh... Tula, orang suruh g ambik mc, aku dok siap buat tula, buat nila. Nak buat camne, memang minggu ni minggu busy. Rehat sehari aku kurangkan jadi 6 jam. Study, assignment, tidur tetap pukul 2. mantap tu, makan ubat pun aku still leh tahan. Semalam sepatutnye dah ok, bila pagi ni je kene cahaya matahari kat tingkap terus berdenyut balik kepala. Takkan alergk matahari kot? Nonsense.

Malang kedua, masa ni gak aku nak pokai, spek mata kesayangan tu pun di ambang kejatuhan..=.=" Degree mata dn silau dah naik kot, tu mata asyik sakit. Bila la kesempatan biasiswa aku nak masuk ni.. spek itu penting. huhuhu Barang lain gak. Printer aku pun hampeh.

Dan demam membosankan. yela duduk lam bilik tatap laptop tak tau nak buat apa. Aku bosan tengok gambar besi, konkrit dan kira2 sehari2. Ap nak jadi. Peta Bau pun aku x lalu nak tengok. Last2 aku g bukak wikipedia. Orang google addict mcm aku, ade2 je bnda nak di cari. Hari ini aku baru aku tau, Northern Ireland dengan Ireland bukan satu negara. huhu. Kira OK gakla, menambahkan pengetahuan am. And Belfast tu tempat Titanic dibina. Wow. hehehe. Random kan? Kenapa Northern Ireland, aku pun tak tau. Just terfikir pasal P.S I Love You, terus teringat dengan Ireland. Then terbaca pasal Northern Ireland.

Dah2.. makin lama mengadap ni, makin banyak karutan aku. Makan ubat buat aku lapar, so chow chin chow aku nak masak mi. <-- bila nak sihat? ish3

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Its over

Finally!! After ups and downs for.. emm.. 5 days, its finally over. Honestly I don't care if I win or not. And officially I become JPK treasurer by vote counts. Its an irony tragically, since I never liked mathematics or whatever related to calculation. Good thing I'm not the secretary. hehehhe =)
No more campaign, manifesto or speeches need to be done which to me is relieved, but the assignments keep piling up. With 2 projects have been briefed and there's another gonna be up ahead, I guess third year's is all about busy. I can't imagine how it feels when I've become fourth year next year.

HOWEVER! I still sick.. huhuh.. still got flu, and my voice still sounds different. Maybe tomorrow will be getting better. I hope.

Actually, recently, I've been taking a lot of pictures ( even though with the fever ) but all of it from other people cameras, so I guess I'll have to wait for it..

And I felt good LOL-ing hard with friends just now. FSTS's jokes and FK jokes when combined will cause a big laugh..And, of course teaching my friend Sarawak's words is funny because its hard to explain.. hoho

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've got this fever symptom and it seems it won't heals any soon. My body weak, my brain having hard time to focus, and everything annoys me. Huhuhu..

First of all, I'm in the situation where I need to go here and there, be in a good mood socialize with people as well as giving full commitment for the campaign. My body seem restless.

Second, I need my brain to stay focus, so I can finished the speech earlier and also my assignments.

Third, there is blood donation campaign happens on Wednesday and I am so thrill about it but now, if the fever still goes on, I can't donate blood. huhuhu

Fourth, I'm just fucking hate fever.


my self-made posters. Been hanged all around my college. Actually there is another version of poster, the skema one, which has my pictures and my code, MT11 ,tapi malas la upload here.

Pilihanraya Pemilihan JPK

Serious, before ni I never participating any election. Just being a voter seems to be good enough. That was before. But now, I'm one of the candidates. Ahaks! Suprise, no? Well actually the idea of being JPK have been thought by me since last semester. Coincidently, this time, since there are too many people wanting this, election has be made.

So this weekend, I've been working hard thinking about campaign and manifesto and whatsoever. Its quite mm I don't know how to describe the feeling, blur? mm..because this is my first time. I've been researching a lot what people should do during campaign. I haven't done manifesto yet. I hope things are going well.

To all sakura-ians, you guys can come to hear me at rapat umum on Tuesday's night then voting for me at the next day, Wednesday.

Random: Yesterday feel a bit annoying. During afternoon, we rent a car to go to DI to make photocopies and print photos. However since minyak cam nak habis, so we went to Petronas nearby and found out there are some problems and lots of time wasted but masih tak dapat isi minyak. Annoyingly, we sent back the car, cancel the plan. That was my first time, just went outside untuk pusing roundabout. Cis.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After all

I think I should give myself a rest. After a few weeks, problems keep coming. Solve one and here comes another. It wouldn't stop coming, I guess. My mood is pretty down lately. Its heavy. The burden it is.

So, today, I should take a break from moving. I mean, doing things, solving problems, thinking.. I want to let myself to be myself again. Take a break, sit down and breathe. Chilling down rather than keep pace up moving fast with others.

What should I do? I look around and I start doing back things that I've been neglected these past weeks. Things that usually I did. I read. The novels is getting dusty so I pick one and read. A manicure is a must ^__^ and I choose a colour that reflects my life right now. Black. Dark and ominous. hehe. I play rubix cube. I'm trying to complete the puzzle. I played guitar. I off my phone. disappearing a while from everything and just focusing on rejuvenating myself.
I know it won't exactly solve everything, but at least I feel much better. Mentally and emotionally much stable to survive more obstacles ahead.

My life is still a mess though. Whatever.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

heart talk~

just wondering. for those who know me in real life, am I look like somebody in a relationship?

Recently, people around me keep asking me about who's the guy, or why I didn't go out for dates..

Guys, why don't you believe me? I'm not in any relationship for now, I do have some boy friends (well, my class has a lot of boys) but none of them are special one. I do have considered the idea of having boyfriend, but I don't think its soon enough. I don't know if I'm ready to go through it again.

To my friends, I don't know where you got that story, but trust me its just a rumor. Ahahaha.. Rasa macam artis, tiba2 ada rumors.. kikiki

Random: this is my third post for today.. That's what happen when I stay in room for the whole day. No class..=.="

Just now, attending a meeting. About the activities and also KESUMAS. Since I become the member of this association so sudden, even I don't know about it, not much contribution from me. Except about the player selection for basketball teams. I just give my idea.

There's many things in my heart, but truly, I don't know how to put it in words. Sigh. Welcome to real world I think. I hate to be in such complicated situation.

just gonna stand there and watch me burn,

but that's alright, because I like the way it hurts,

Just gonna stand there and hear me cry,

but that's alright, because I love the way you lie,

I love the way you lie.

p/s: this words have been spinning round in my head since yesterday. I like the song but I hate it so much as it speaks the truth =.=

$33.5 , Lol~

I've got this from Mermer's blog and hehehehe.. it's fun thing. =)

p/s: ate the whole thing of oreos is in the list.. hikhik

Monday, July 19, 2010

thinking hard.

Pfft~ My body sores. And its just day one of volleyball training. I never played volleyball before but it might be a good thing to change once in a while. And yes I exhausted because of the tight schedule.

Hmm.. about the topic, sigh... Making decision is surely hard. After one thing, comes another thing. I seriously have to make decision fast. And that is tiring. I have no idea what is best for me.. I want to go for it but the commitment and responsibilities it brings, I afraid I might not be able to fulfill it. But this might be also my last chance. Next year I'm gonna be final year, so involving too much might be not appropriate for the time. So this is hard man~

Only option is to pray may what I decide is gonna bring goods for me =)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eriel Ronquillo

I love all her original songs and so does all her covers ^___^

This one is also my favs

We could be happy- Eriel Ronquillo

[Verse 1]
We didn't think that we would get here,
We thought we lost our way,
All the searching and the hurting,
Just wishing you could stay.

[Verse 2]
Nine months ago I didn't know you,
You were just a stranger at my door,
We never planned to fall in love with each other,
and now I am in love with you..

So please smile for me,
Where you are is where I wanna be.
Oh can't you see,
If you stay we could be happy,
yea we could be happy.

[Verse 3]
Sharing secrets we've never told,
Whispering words that make my insides fuzzy and warm,
you give me every reason to smile,
and can I say you make life seem so worth while.

So please smile for me,
Where you are is where I wanna be.
Oh can't you see,
If you stay we could be happy,
yea we could be happy.

The night brings the stars and moon out,
both our hearts are beating fast and now..
laying on the fields of daises,
sleeping soundly listening to your heart beat,

So please smile for me,
Where you are is where I wanna be.
Oh can't you see,
If you stay we could be happy,
yeah we could be happy.
We could be happy.

^___^ Enjoy...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

~ I addicted with cute things... and orange.. and monkeys...

~ I am officially flat broke.. and I need money

~ Want to watch despicable me...harap2 jadi

~Airplanes and Love the way you lie has been invaded and stuck in my brain since the past few days. Can't get it off and it gradually becomes a habit to sing it whenever and wherever..

~Being half-vegetarian for almost 2 weeks.. Woahhh.. I even turned down a McD double-cheese burger offer from a friend! I'm doing good..

~ Thoughts of having boyfriend has been rise again recently. I don't know why.

~ Third year and everyone seems busy, but we still have to catch up time to hang out..

~ Its first weekend for this semester and I am deadly bored...

~cut my fringe.. and my hair looks like Nodame's hahahah.. want to make it pitch black.. no more shades of brown..

~ Thinking about to start dancing back. I think my left feet is healed. I think. But I guess I can start to dance back

~ Haven't checking out the juniors.. teehee~ (lie) Fine2, I did check them out during MAP but during that week all looks blur and skema.. huhu

~ And I have nothing more to say~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

at last

after all the thinking and negotiating is done, FINALLY, I've done sorting out my schedule. my oh my... seriously it might kills me later on, but I think I should give a try. This is the first week, besides than feeling nothing for the new semester, I feel drained out. I've been given presentation task for tomorrow, and I haven't done anything at all. I have a meeting this evening but the list that supposed to be send to me today wasn't sent, maybe because of some technical error. And I exhausted just by looking my schedule.

For example, today. After all the sort out stuff done, my class for today, Thursday is from 8 am - 6 pm.. with no breaks in the gap. It on going straight 5 classes. Gasp. I don't know what I'm thinking, but taking 22 credit hours and all of them is core subjects is insane. Good news, I pass my senggang so I have all the Wednesday's afternoon for myself. At least some rest from a tight schedule. Bad news, I must finished the softskill courses this semesters.

What else? hmm.. I'm anxiously waiting for my intersession results. Please do come out fast. I need more than 2.75 this time *finger-crossed* I really hope for that. Why? Because before I'm in my final year, I want to applying for JPK.. Hahahah.. Sounds so not me right? But I have to grab the opportunities around when I still got the chance. I want to learn as much as I can about management, by concepts and practicals. I have to train myself so I can get ready when I finish studying and step into the real world. Engineering field is a competitive world where there are lots of people are have batter result academically than me, so I have to shine at least in my own way. I know I'm not able to get 4 flat every semesters so I should show people that I'm capable in other way. ^__^

P/s: actually I have a class right now but maybe I'll join them next week. hehehe^_^

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bila saya rajin..

I post 2 entries or more in a day. That's what usually happen. Or I'm just plainly bored. Just finished tuning my guitar, but seriously I need to change the strings.. but... sigh.. I wish money grows up on money tree.

ermm.. Actually there's nothing much to write. I'm tired to correct other people not to call me kakak. I'm 19, okay. I might be younger than you or just a year older than you. No need to call sis or whatever. Just call my name is better.

I have a 10-minutes oral presentation this Friday. Whaatt? First week and I already have to present. I guess that how third years work. I guess, its time to research more about this hydro meteorology thingy..

And now I'm still waiting for intersession result to come out. Hopefully I get an A. French is the only hope left to boost my pointer. Being hanging on the stake is not fun.

p/s: I'm bored. I thought my schedule will be packed. But its good, at least I can have a rest for this week from whatever happening..

non-excited start

serious. I don't feel the excitement that I usually felt when the new semester comes in. I don't know why. Maybe because I've been here all along for the intersession and the Induksi and MAP thingy makes me felt the day is longer. So when I wake up on the first day, I feel nothing. I guess, I understand now why we need semesters breaks. ehehhe..

Okay, today I might be able to finish all the registration thingy. Later going to register my senggang, yes although I already in the third year, I still have a few credit hours left =.=". Then I think if there is time, I want to go to UKP to pay my repeated subjects fee.. RM240 minds you.. Left me suffering with least money for the next few months. I'm reconsidering the idea of having part-time jobs right now. I am uber sensitive for money right now. And who says money doesn't matters? It does.

I'm thinking that my life is completely a mess. I don't what makes me think like that, but I do feel like something missing. The joy maybe. I should take some of the things in my life less seriously I think.

People around me thinks that I'm getting matured. Hey, I'm not really okay, I just grown up. Experiences teach us on how to handle our own life in better way. I'm not as blur and take thing for granted as I was in first year. I understand more now about how the things work, so for sure I do handle my life at least in academic side a bit better than I was before.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I already in the third year? lalalala.. hahah I feel so old but hey, I'm in the same age with most second year and first year students. hehehehhe. Fuhh.. I seriously don't know what to expect in this third year's life but what the heck, I should just make the most of it and the best that I can ^___^

Saturday, July 10, 2010


busy all week.. now I got the chance. Last night was the end of my job as Liaison Officer MAP 2010/2011. Its been a fun, hectic, frustrating, annoying, tiring and so forth week. Living a week in Cempaka gives me an incredible experience on how to handling a big group which is mostly older than me. All the problems and frustration from this week I think I just want to keep it myself. No needs to vent it out anymore since its already over. But sorry to say cempaka-ians, I mean not everyone is mean and annoying right? however, I think I don't really want to stay at Cempaka any longer. To all cempaka-ians who read this, I'm very sorry. Saya tak suka bila dicakapbelakangkan. Just talk to me gently not harshly if you think I'm wrong. I can take it. Seriously there are times that I've had the fun but it is not what I expected, the bonding especially, its not really the best experience I had. It is the rough time. So I kind a disappointed a little bit thinking that I might enjoying all this but no, I'm not. So if next year there are changes by means, from management about this MAP, maybe I'll take part again. I don't really care about the tiring part, because handling new students is tiring. BUT, if it still looks the same like this year or worse, sorry to say, I rather be regular senior student.

Anyway, thanks for the experience. I think this might be useful in another time. Sorry for those who read this and terasa.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


perjalanan semester baru. Juniors just come and register and there are a lot!!! tak menang tangan. Sekejap2 lari ke sana, sekejap2 lari ke sini. Memang kepenatan. Even I'm from fnb since there are too many people came yesterday, we have to be multi-tasking. Habis satu badan dikoyok sebab penat. Kaki, tak usah cerita.. memang dah tak larat nak jalan lagi malam. Hari ni bangun akhir. =.=" Nasib FnB. LO FnB adala unit standby kalau banyak orang datang macam semalam, memang kena turun lagi. Tadi pun memang semua rakan2 turun. Tapi me and ika yang kerja berabis semalam just sit jaga kaunter Fnb dari pagi tadi sampaila pukul 3 tadi. Buat kerja-kerja office. Statistik makanan untuk budak2 junior dan juga laporan untuk katerer2. Tu pun penat jugak sebab penat semalam tak hilang lagi. Bercakap pasal junior, diorang punya alahan pelik2. Ada yang tak makan daging n seafood.. tu common la, ada yang tak makan terung.. buah kundur. Ntah pa2 je korang ni. Mengarut2. Duduk je pun tersangat penat. Kot2 penat semalam tak habis lagi. Tapi x kisah sangat sebab enjoy. =)

Malas I nak mengarang, main tulis jer ni. Bahasa Melayu lagi tu. Boleh tahan jugak Melayu aku rupenye,, hohohoo.. Xpe biarkan. Mungkin minggu ini akan kurang update, yerla jadi LO jarang dapat masa free. Then sibuk nak g bayar yuran daftar kursus.. semua2 tu la..

Thursday, July 1, 2010


as you can see.. Every posts is about Kursus Induksi. By now, my life is full all about it plus the final exam next week, plus the money to pay next semester's fee, plus how I want to arrange my subjects for next semester. All at once. Life is hard. What to do? I am physically exhausted, mentally drained out but my spirit still not worn out, because I still want to work as the best I can be. I want to feel how it feels after working hard. This Induction is gonna end tonight, but the real task is yet to come. This coming Saturday and Sunday will be the roughest time for all of us who become as Liaison officers. Everything needs to become smooth. I was assigned in FnB (Food and Beverages) unit for Cempaka. Frankly I never went into any Cempaka college building before. I don't know how they look inside. And worse, I don't know the maps. The whole Cempaka. I don't even know where the office would be, yet the hostel rooms. =.=" so this going to be hard. I don't know what to expect but anyways, just like I said I'll do my very best and work hard. ^__^ What's the point of applying LO but don't want to work? Enough of me rambling. I'm tired and later morning I have to wake up early, so, Bonne nuit ^__^v