Thursday, July 15, 2010

at last

after all the thinking and negotiating is done, FINALLY, I've done sorting out my schedule. my oh my... seriously it might kills me later on, but I think I should give a try. This is the first week, besides than feeling nothing for the new semester, I feel drained out. I've been given presentation task for tomorrow, and I haven't done anything at all. I have a meeting this evening but the list that supposed to be send to me today wasn't sent, maybe because of some technical error. And I exhausted just by looking my schedule.

For example, today. After all the sort out stuff done, my class for today, Thursday is from 8 am - 6 pm.. with no breaks in the gap. It on going straight 5 classes. Gasp. I don't know what I'm thinking, but taking 22 credit hours and all of them is core subjects is insane. Good news, I pass my senggang so I have all the Wednesday's afternoon for myself. At least some rest from a tight schedule. Bad news, I must finished the softskill courses this semesters.

What else? hmm.. I'm anxiously waiting for my intersession results. Please do come out fast. I need more than 2.75 this time *finger-crossed* I really hope for that. Why? Because before I'm in my final year, I want to applying for JPK.. Hahahah.. Sounds so not me right? But I have to grab the opportunities around when I still got the chance. I want to learn as much as I can about management, by concepts and practicals. I have to train myself so I can get ready when I finish studying and step into the real world. Engineering field is a competitive world where there are lots of people are have batter result academically than me, so I have to shine at least in my own way. I know I'm not able to get 4 flat every semesters so I should show people that I'm capable in other way. ^__^

P/s: actually I have a class right now but maybe I'll join them next week. hehehe^_^

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