Wednesday, July 21, 2010

After all

I think I should give myself a rest. After a few weeks, problems keep coming. Solve one and here comes another. It wouldn't stop coming, I guess. My mood is pretty down lately. Its heavy. The burden it is.

So, today, I should take a break from moving. I mean, doing things, solving problems, thinking.. I want to let myself to be myself again. Take a break, sit down and breathe. Chilling down rather than keep pace up moving fast with others.

What should I do? I look around and I start doing back things that I've been neglected these past weeks. Things that usually I did. I read. The novels is getting dusty so I pick one and read. A manicure is a must ^__^ and I choose a colour that reflects my life right now. Black. Dark and ominous. hehe. I play rubix cube. I'm trying to complete the puzzle. I played guitar. I off my phone. disappearing a while from everything and just focusing on rejuvenating myself.
I know it won't exactly solve everything, but at least I feel much better. Mentally and emotionally much stable to survive more obstacles ahead.

My life is still a mess though. Whatever.

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