Sunday, July 25, 2010


my self-made posters. Been hanged all around my college. Actually there is another version of poster, the skema one, which has my pictures and my code, MT11 ,tapi malas la upload here.

Pilihanraya Pemilihan JPK

Serious, before ni I never participating any election. Just being a voter seems to be good enough. That was before. But now, I'm one of the candidates. Ahaks! Suprise, no? Well actually the idea of being JPK have been thought by me since last semester. Coincidently, this time, since there are too many people wanting this, election has be made.

So this weekend, I've been working hard thinking about campaign and manifesto and whatsoever. Its quite mm I don't know how to describe the feeling, blur? mm..because this is my first time. I've been researching a lot what people should do during campaign. I haven't done manifesto yet. I hope things are going well.

To all sakura-ians, you guys can come to hear me at rapat umum on Tuesday's night then voting for me at the next day, Wednesday.

Random: Yesterday feel a bit annoying. During afternoon, we rent a car to go to DI to make photocopies and print photos. However since minyak cam nak habis, so we went to Petronas nearby and found out there are some problems and lots of time wasted but masih tak dapat isi minyak. Annoyingly, we sent back the car, cancel the plan. That was my first time, just went outside untuk pusing roundabout. Cis.

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