Thursday, July 1, 2010


as you can see.. Every posts is about Kursus Induksi. By now, my life is full all about it plus the final exam next week, plus the money to pay next semester's fee, plus how I want to arrange my subjects for next semester. All at once. Life is hard. What to do? I am physically exhausted, mentally drained out but my spirit still not worn out, because I still want to work as the best I can be. I want to feel how it feels after working hard. This Induction is gonna end tonight, but the real task is yet to come. This coming Saturday and Sunday will be the roughest time for all of us who become as Liaison officers. Everything needs to become smooth. I was assigned in FnB (Food and Beverages) unit for Cempaka. Frankly I never went into any Cempaka college building before. I don't know how they look inside. And worse, I don't know the maps. The whole Cempaka. I don't even know where the office would be, yet the hostel rooms. =.=" so this going to be hard. I don't know what to expect but anyways, just like I said I'll do my very best and work hard. ^__^ What's the point of applying LO but don't want to work? Enough of me rambling. I'm tired and later morning I have to wake up early, so, Bonne nuit ^__^v

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