Monday, June 28, 2010


I thought, really.. I thought I am a hopeless engineer. Mind you, I fail two of my structural subjects and one geotech subjects. So its really convincing that I'm not good =.=". However tonight, during LDK session, it proves that i still have HOPE in getting better. ^___^ Bersesuaian dengan nama kumpulan, H.O.P.E.. hehehe.. The task for tonight was to build a tower, a strong tower using 30 pieces of newspaper. Since I am the only civil engineering student, they entrusted me to design the structure. It might look a small deal to anybody, but having a few people have a trust on my ability, I must say, I was very honored. And I think, if people ever notice, tonight I was high-spirited and confidence. With the full co-operation and helps from each-others, we, the whole group managed to build a strong structure. The one of three structures that is not damaged after the judges test it by dropping bag on it. Truthfully, me, myself doesn't think that building is strong enough but yet it survived. fuhh.. I feel proud of myself. ^_____^

saya letih. dan berkoyokla satu badan. night.. zZZzz..

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