Saturday, June 12, 2010

A list.

One second I was worried about money another second I was thinking about what to shop. Sigh. But what's wrong in wishing anyway? And now I should put things that I really need, I repeat NEED rather than I want in my shopping list.

1. Black pump shoes
Because I will attend kursus Induksi as well as Minggu Aluan Pelajar around next two more weeks. As a participant as well a Liaison Officer, these shoes is literally important because most of the day I'll be wearing formal attire. Yeah, I'll be a L.O in few weeks. Excited but surprised myself too. I never expected myself having a thought to be more responsible..HAHAHA.. talk about getting old again.. adui.. My black pump shoes are already worn out and I don't know where they go. I've been wearing them since matriculation. (So skemala that shoes). So I need to buy new one, affordable but cute one. Heheheh..

2. Sport shoes
I think I eat my sport shoes.=.=" The one I have now is has a big hole on the feet. I seriously don't know how it can be. I'm pushing those poor shoes too hard. Those dancing and sports make the shoes worn out. I should be more careful next time. And I should buy tougher one. I'll sensing that I might use them a lot of time.

3.External disk
I need this so I can put all the files I needed in there; my notes, my works, my arts, musics and movies. Everything. As a back-up. Plus I need to send this poor lappy to be repaired. Nothing happened now but I know it dying inside. Formatting it so it can work more efficient. And I want to change to Windows 7 too. Next time I have to use AutoCad or programming software or at last Photoshop, it doesn't have to lag so much. And I think there are tons of virus in here. =.="

4. Formatting the laptop
Just like what I said just now. I want to buy pc actually because it works better for me, a person who have various softwares and laptop is too small to handle all of it. But I have to keep the intention aside and might go format the laptop instead. Use what I have for now.

I think that's it what I really, really need. The others I want it and I need it but that can wait. hehe.. because if I kept going on God knows how long this list will gonna be.

I hate being broke. I do.

p/s: Go German!!! Win this time. Waka Waka!! hoho..

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