Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I have a dream.

A bizarre one, I have to say. Really bizarre because everything is messed up. I have a fever so I guess the fever mess my dreams. (what??)

Anyway its kind of every pieces of my memories even not important combined as one into my dream. Peoples that I knew from university, my friends way back in high school, the senior, the junior and also the teacher. It is so weird even for a short dream like that.

How should I start it? Its actually the scenery of school. I am form 5 in that dream, but me the one in there is not who I was in form 5, the dorky one, but me in the present, the less dorky one. My class is 5C (in real life i was 5d-ian). My class is at my old school but not the block where usually placed form 5 students. It way back. Its on wooden block that we haven't used since I was form 2.

And my classmates, as what I've said in a very weird combination. There are, my friends from high school; Izzah, Nisah,Lydia, Asseyha, Atul. The friends from University; Sylvia, Freslyn, Shirley Vannessa, even Jonathan and Andres (I don't know why they are in my dream) and many more.And amazingly, even in awake mode right now I can still clearly remember our position. Its the first day of school so we just played around. And the whole school compounds were full with bizarre things. I've met with a junior which I adore his tiny-ness but when I wake up I couldn't even remember his name. I've met two of my seniors. We talked and they advice me about to be careful with some guy I'm seeing which in real life, they never met.

And we don't wear uniforms. I remember I wear grey long sleeves which I never have before. I remember Vann was wearing a sky blue stripe long sleeves <-- which I don't recall she had one. Before the class started as usual we played around and there are suddenly Rain song played by speaker. (talk about being random). And we danced. Freestyle. O.O" Lol when I keep thinking about it. hahah...

And for the first class, Cikgu Mariam teaches us (she was my BM teacher) not about BM. She wrote on the blackboard 'How to make your day turns unexpected?' (Wow! I remember!) And we think for a while. Suddenly she goes down to the ground and start digging. To our suprises she digging in some snake nest, and throws the snakes to us!! What the hell??? The guys went down and join as for the rest of girls are running away from the snakes. It scares me a lot and suddenly I open my eyes and.. yada2.. its morning and I'm on my bed. My alarm snoozed twice and I haven't studied for my oral test afterwards. =.="

I can't figured out how it can be messed up like that.My memories. The fever and a hell lots of thing that happened to me recently does disturbing the balance of my emotion so does my physical. I get sick. Or maybe I just need some rest. Its a funny dream. I wonder if there is any meaning for this dream. Lol. It just so random and in-comprehend-able by the mind of mine.

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