Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Selamat Hari Gawai ^^
I don't really have many ideas to write, actually I did but its all gone after waiting this page opens for too long. Hell yeah, I'm still at Kuching, but broadband here is sucks. Should have figured out earlier, since celcom coverage at this area is bad..

Anyway, I escaped today class, so more time spending time with family. hehehe.. Well its hard to gather all of us around since me and my brother studying and my little sister also busy with her school,plus my dad always travel around. So, since this opportunity arrives I won't just let it go by going to class. Instead I went shopping with my family. We went to Kamdar, bought each of us clothes for our Raya's baju kurungs. hehe.. Roaming around Boulevard shopping for groceries and also bought a few clothes. hehe.

My feeling? I felt glad. Its nice to see whole family sat at dinner table eating together. Honestly, we've not been doing that for a long time. I hardly can remember the time any of us were not so busy and rushing to finish the food and get back to work, but just enjoying the meal together. So I guess I feel glad and happy. Later we will have our road trip back to Sibu, which also not have been done for so long, so I am so excited.. ^___^

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