Sunday, June 13, 2010

It comes to my thought

Hmm.. Its Sunday evening. Its raining. And people talks endlessly about how stupid the England's goalkeeper let the ball in. World Cup. I want to watch it but I think I just have to wait till the preliminary rounds end. Nothing much interesting happened yet. Plus, German and Italy haven't played yet.

Let's not talk about it. I listened about it everyday. Actually there are things that bother my mind. I watch some Korean talk show of some Korean girl group, SNSD this afternoon and the topic are mostly about what happened when their singing career over or what would happened years later. That makes me think too. What happened after I finished study. Even now, I'm taking intersession so mostly weekdays, I go to class, and mostly my friends are taking industrial training where they have to go to work. So the end of the day, we would message each other hows the day. Its kinda funny and somehow I feel young. My message would sounds like " How's your work?" or something like that. And I would listen to them how they catching deadlines or what-so-ever task they need to do. And, to me they would ask about my study.

I mean, that what would certainly happen in the future. They'll graduating in next year, and we still have another year to finish. By time we finished they already one year ahead in real world. We won't see each other around a lot, but hey, when we grow up and have different works these memories will be fun. We have some times spend with each other just to reminisce the good-ol-days. I can't imagine how we'd do that, but I think it about the same. We go out, eat together and having fun together. What must had change is apparently the environment, I mean we'd grown up, we have works. Our personality might be the same inside but not outside. Our appearances will be more adult-ly. Hahahha.. I laugh just to think about that.

God, I really think that far. The time will come and I bet I would enjoy everything til that day comes. Hahahha.. We would laugh at ourselves and all the things we've done.. :) Gasp.. Sounds so old. I'm growing up. I should stop worrying about growing up since that I supposed to do at this age. Hahahah..

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