Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Man.

Type of guy I like. I think. Physically. I think. Maybe. Its his eyes that attracts me first and then jawline. I don't know why but I have a thing for guy's jaw line. Hahahha. Enough trash-talking.

For those who doesn't this hot guy, his real name is Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a T.OP, the rapper and the oldest member in a Korean boyband, Big Bang. He is 23 Yrs old. And he is awesome-ly hot. AWWEESSOOMME.. (no particular reason to call him awesome, I just like this word. Awesome.) He has a deep voice which I called sexy and hot when talking and rapping, but his voice is gentler when singing which he rarely does.

And officialy this is my boyfriend. Hahahhaha.. if his fanatics reading this blog, they might kill me..

footnote: I'm having a mood swing.. easily pissed off.. especially with this fucking connection. And I'm being random..Pfft.. Who cares?

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