Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wishing Stars

okay.. this is suppose to be last night's post but the connection is terrible so I'm better off sleeping. Just got back from Sibu actually and seriously it was exhausting. The holiday is short so the other day, its like I'm just sending my family back to Sibu, sleep at the night and the next afternoon, I was on way back to Kuching. =.=" So it is exhausting cramping on my seat for 7 hours. Whatever, life goes on.

However, last night was the first time I'm using night bus. Doesn't feel any difference much except the night sky is so beautiful. Its full of stars. I don't sleep at all and I don't even take my eyes off the star field. And that was the time I'm thinking it must be great to spend time having someone special by my side.. You know, this is one thing I want to do when I have special someone. ^_^ Lying on grass staring at the stars and talk about our life. okay, maybe not lying, just sitting..Cheesy, I know. ahahaha.. but a single like me, always imagining my own fairytale like this. hehehe

Well, but it still sweet right? I don't know. Maybe time like that makes me wishing I have a boyfriend, someone protects me, someone that I can lean on other than my friends, and my families..

p/s: If there are shooting stars last night, I just should make a wish for that. haha, and hoping it would be granted ^_^

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