Saturday, June 12, 2010

Arihta Azifah

My name, the real name is.. too long. It has three syllable. Most of my years people keep misspell my name =.=". My name is not that hard okay?
Therefore, I never introduced myself with a full name.
It will make people around me confused. So every time I meet new people, I'll just say "Hi, my name is Athy. What's yours?" They never ask me about real name though. So when lecturers distributed out papers and calling my full name, everyone is looking at each other and wondering who the hell that is. And then, I caught them by surprise when it was me the one who had the name. =.=" Every single time. If it was the first time, I'll get it. But it happens every time. Sigh.

People, after they know my full name always ask why I don't call myself Hafiza or anything comes from that. You know why? mm it is because I don't feel like it. It is a good name, true, but I don't want people to call me by that name. If they t
ease me, and call me by that name, I simply ignore it. I am Athy, and that's all I'm going to be.

But yesterday me and my friends playing our names, how it sounds when it reverse-ly spell. Most of it are funny.Lols.. And my name when rev
ersely spelled is Arihta Azifahrun. Ignore "run" at the last syllable, it sounds like a good name right? I don't know what Arihta means but hey, the name sounds great. heheh... I even think that to make it as my first daughter's name. Lols.. Arihta Azifah, I like it =)

this is me a month ago. Randomly upload, doesn't have anything to do with the post. Now, I'm chubbier than this. =.="Should I go blame the ice-cream? hehehe.

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