Friday, June 11, 2010

worry me

Nowadays, there are so much things need to be consider, need to be think. Or is it because now I hold more responsible than I had before, so everything has to be taken into consideration. I want to live a happy, simple, worriless life. Instead, troubles come one after another. I can do it recklessly without thought but even I hate to admit it, I have to think twice or few times before I do something because I want to hurt as less people as possible. Well, we can't pleased everybody and I tried to do as good as possible without giving much reasons for people to hate me also not to ignored my own feeling as well.

But, no, that's not the thing I worried 'bout right now. My most doubt by now is money. Yes, money. I'm a jobless student, I have RM7000 scholarship that covers almost all my life expenses here. I can't take part-time because that's the contract, and my parents won't allowed me to take one during class day. RM7000 sounds pretty big money, but trust me, its not. Its not like I'm a big-spender, but yeah I do try to minimalise my shopping and I do not shopping as much as I want, okay? I do put some limits on it. Still I worried myself how I'm gonna pay the fee for the new semester that'll be coming in another month. I have to feed myself during intersession as well. The scholarship will be coming out on maybe September so I have to think how to survive on July and August too.Guess I think I'll pay study fees and subject fees first and when I get more money, I'll pay for college fees. Sigh. That is so troublesome. I have to cut shopping budgets and so does movies budgets. T__T Great movies always comes on that time.

Anyway, I can't ask money from parents. That's the big reason why I take the scholarship offer, duh.. to lessen their burden. They needs money for our home and to pay cars, and the list is going on. So I don't think putting to support me in their list is fair.

Fuhh.. I'm talking about the worries of money like an adult.Gasp. Oh my... I'm getting older O.O.. No.. I'm not even turning 20 yet.. Give my youth back. huhuhu.. In a bright side just thinking this as a process of myself growing up. Thinking about getting old is depressing. Sigh..

Random things: Am I the last one who discovers we can design our own blog template using the designer template at the dashboard? Am I? I change the template again.. Heheheh.. What do you think???

p/s: I found this as my brother's status at FB.
"rowan atkinson owns one McLaren F1, Honda NSX, Audi A8, Honda Civic Hybrid and others...
i thought he only drives mini cooper.. sigh"
me too.Sigh.

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