Sunday, June 6, 2010

1 Movie and I've change.

Yesterday have a date with Jake Gylenhaal. =). Watched Prince of Persia with a friend of mine last night and I've gotta say, its quite great. Disney does nailed it good. I mean I'll give them around 3.5-4 over 5. Its not that I'm being harsh, I actually not really a fan of this movie genre. No offense. Even the book on this genre. I'm not really into this kind of genre. So, Narnia, LOTR and so forth, I don't really into it.
However, I want to watch this one because of Jake. But, just like I said, this movie is good and not just putting pretty faces to make it good. The storyline, the actions. They don't bore me. And the most important thing is the effect. The fight scene is totally awesome. I like how they showing how the Prince Dastan turn back the time.

Turning back time is so complicated the way I see it. I mean, you have to be in the same place again.Every time you turn back time, things change. Good or bad the changes is, its surely change the path of your life. And I think it cause unbalance in the world. You change the mistakes, you'll change again the future and cause uncertainty since its changed. Too much chaos, I think.

If there is one chance for me to go back to time, I don't know if I want to go for it or not. If I go, I might go back before I going to matriculation, change the path I lived right now. Maybe I'm not going to matrics but I go somewhere else. I go for design. Learn from the basic, gain new experiences. I go for my dream. I think. But if I choose that means, I'll lose everything I had now. I might be not knowing that I can play basketball quite good. I might don't know that I can dance or play guitar. I also might not meeting with all the friends I have here. Means I'll missed the fun and everything. Although I also don't have to go struggling myself just to be good enough in engineering but I' ll lose everything. I'll lose me.

So this movie makes me think about it. And yeah, indirectly it makes me feel grateful for what I had today. Maybe I've done some mistakes on my life and maybe I diverting from the path that I've been planned before but maybe this is meant for me. The place where I belong. Life can't be like what we've planned. So, it might be sucks and look so not fair, but all the experiences I gained within this journey makes me who I am today. I discovered a lot of me that I never knew before.

FML.. I am studying something I'm not interested with and I'm sucks at it. What the heck? I should just go for what I have in present no matter how much I dislike it or how it so differs from what I've thought. Regretting something that have been happened is totally a waste of time and I'm tired thinking about it anyway. So here I am on peaceful Sunday afternoon on 6th of June make a very positive thinking vow that I don't want to cling on the past, nor having figured out future but I want to make what I living in the present is worth living for :)
And, yeah.. that means I'm getting serious and finally get a good grades. Never too late for anything.

p/s: sobs2. I'm so proud of myself.


MeLL said...

"Even the book on this genre."

this ain't no book, it's a video game :D

taytay said...

hahah.. ops.. my bad.. kiki.. lpak plak it comes from a game.