Monday, June 14, 2010

Cawan Dunia or Dunia Cawan?

sorry its small.. hehe.. Yeah, I also one of millions people in a football craze. Before I wasn't such a maniac because the team I rooting for hasn't played yet. They also the reason why I'm still awake at this hours. I'm supporting as always for Germany, Italy and Netherlands. Those three teams develop great soccer player though I don't know much about this sports. Ballack, Podolski, Muller, Kahn,Klose all from Germans. Ballack and Kahn are not playing for this year but Germany still rocks and coming strong as they beat Australia 4-0 for the first game just now. Netherlands game will be live tonight and so Italy. I can't wait the orange teams on the field as well as Alessandro Del Piero in action. hehehe

Unfortunately I watched the Germany games on the 2nd half only since for the 1st half, I still figuring how to watch it live online. Now I get the link online, I just worried about the connection.

And now back to zzzz. Later got class.. @_@

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