Thursday, June 17, 2010

I feel Fat :(

can you see what the similarity is? yeah.. eating. I don't know why but it became a habit to us to take other faces when they're eating. But you can see those eyes glittering when looking at foods. Hahaha.. These are fews of the shot. I looked happy at these moments and hungry. And I looked focus too. XD

Ok, no doubt I like eating. A lot. I do love try a new food and new taste. Other than Malaysian food, I enjoyed Western and Italian food as well as other foods. I like eat pizza, pasta, the pastries. Steaks. Yummy. Enjoy a bit of Asian Fusion; Japan Korean. Although I don't prefer the taste of seaweeds. Yes I don't eat seaweed means no sushis for me, but I did tried a few.

Enough talking about food. It makes me hungry T_T.. But now, I feel it became as my guilty pleasure. As you can see at the pictures, it was arranged in order of timeline. The first one was during 2nd year 1st sem, the 2nd one also from the 1st sem of 2nd year. The third one is happened earlier this year, as you can see me with a short hair. The last one is the recent picture of me. And it obviously shown that I'm getting fat. Losing the bone features of my face, I getting chubbier (_ _") Oh my... sigh.

Nowadays I weighed around 50 something and that is heavier than I supposed to be. I hate feeling like this. Feeling fat. Its totally makes me insecure. And I need new wardrobe.

3 Weeks more before the semester starts.. I want to lose weight. My face, my arms, my thigh.. that fat has to go away..

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