Friday, June 25, 2010

on a random note

- I hate packing.. You'll heard this gazillion times from me. Packing is the lamest things to do but I must do it anyway.. erghh.. =3=

- I'm a google addict. If I don't know something.. especially the tech stuff, I'll googled. I googled almost everything =,=". Being used to googling everything, last night while trying to help my friend upgrading the blog template. I google almost half an hour to figure why it isn't working. The solution? I just have to click the button and choose the template, save it and the next thing is that link brought to new designer template. It takes merely 5 minutes to finish all that. No need to look for blog ID number..blablabla.. =.="

-I love blog-stalking. Reading other people lives kinda relaxing. They (bloggers) are so good with jokes.I think I don't really have a good sense of humor. Its a bad thing isn't it?

-After France, Italy now going under. pergh... so I guess this time it would be unexpected winner? I think. Not in the mood of watching them anymore.

-I just understand what is "kelaka-uras" means.. hahahah.. it means trash-talking.. literally translate.. sungguh.. take me time to understand it..

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