Sunday, June 6, 2010


got this from tumblr (mana lagi?)

And yes, its definitely true. Don't you think so? Yet, it's just human nature. We always want to have something that we can't have. That greed that we can't feed left us in devastation. And also this, makes me think about myself much, why can't I just go for someone who already likes me rather than liking somebody who doesn't even notice me at the hallway or class? Plainly stupid, I know.
What to do, it just how the world works. I can't reciprocate the feeling that somebody have for me by force. And so to other people. I can't force their feeling. It is just not right but yet so painful. What's left is just hope and wait. If they meant for us, they will always be there. But if they don't, even how much efforts we put on it, it just won't works out.

And, the other truth is I don't know what I rambling about. I saw this photo in tumblr and it just makes me thinking and I feel I want to write it here.

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