Saturday, May 29, 2010

Random mode and Jiwang mode

  • Firstly, Happy Belated Wesak Day to those who celebrates it ^__^ <-- well its 2.02 am now so officially Wesak Day was yesterday
  • The starting of holiday I got so damn bored so rent a car and go to The Spring for few hours just roaming around
  • Not buying anything because I don't have money ( I'm flat broke you see =.=" )
  • Spending my time in lovely MPH but disappointed, again, for not having much money I couldn't buy few books that I wanted to buy for so long
  • So, I feed my needs by read a few chapters of The Time Traveler's Wife. hehehe..
  • At the end, I still spending some money on Big Apple's doughnuts. I'm so not controlling what I eat, that's why I getting bigger..*sigh
  • I've finished watching 251 episodes of one piece after few months. Man, that took me so long.. but I need the next episodes though. This anime is so addictive...huhuhuhu
  • Then, come to jiwang mode. After watching Pop Shuvit's performances in youtube, suddenly I'm thinking about someone and his words too ^_^. Everything about him rushed through my mind. From his grins to his ambition. I know I might sound stupid but yeah what's wrong with liking someone right? Hahahaha... I don't think you read my blog and I know you never notice me in university but you the one that makes me not quitting and keep working harder as well not giving up on my dreams.. heheh :)
oh my, I do random stuff, I've been deadly bored for hours but the thought of you make me smile and absolutely made my day :)

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