Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonjour again!!

at last! after 3 hours of trial and error. I learned new things today, how to read the html thing-y and altering it. With a lots of helps from my friend who doing well in web designing also tutorials, thanks to Mr. Google, I finished re-decorating this blog. An here you see the result. Simple ain't it? The design is not mine though, I just downloaded it from a free template website. I just make a few modification on colours and fonts. It is a simple work but I really proud of myself.. hohoho

Well, lets straight to introduction. For old readers and my friends, this will be just some kind of revision for who I am. hehehheh
  • my name, .. just called me taytay.. Athy, Atey.. anything that conjugates from that.
  • I am 19 and a half currently. Will be 20 this coming November. I'm not rushing to be twenty-er though..
  • I am mixed Melanau and Melayu Sarawak, I don't speak Melanau fluently, but I understand it completely.
  • I am totally an art lover. Photograph and Mixed art. I editing pictures as hobby.
  • I also do enjoy playing guitar and music is influencing most part of my life :)
  • I'm studying Civil Engineering and now I'm going through 3rd Year- sounds old, =.="yeah, tell me about it..
  • Things that I've done all these years; I learn modern dancing, I learn playing guitar, I learn songwriting, I learn basketballs, I learn squash, I learn Korean, French and Japan Language and many more. Even though it sounds unreal, but I love learning ^_^
and through this blog, I hope, I learn more things.. And it might helps you to learn more about me or at least about my life..hehehe...

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