Wednesday, May 26, 2010

words and musics

I like writing since.. I don't know when I start to like writing. I've started blogging before because I was inspired by a friend of mine who writing blog as well. I love her writing style and it sort f inspired me to improve my writing as well. So I start to blog, then in the middle something happened and it hurts and it makes me lost a bit of my direction. I stopped doing everything I like for a while. Then things get better, I gain strength to start living my life to the fullest again. But still I'm not back to blog until yesterday, I read her blog again. And the magic of being amused by it still works, thus this blog is born. :) And I'm back to like writing again. Everytime I write, I like those words that combine beautifully as a sentence. It somehow makes me feel good. ngee :)

I bet everyone loves music. Music is the major influence in life- to most of people including me :) Not in a bad way though. Music helps me calm through the rough times, helps me to reminisce my old times, helps me keep my emotion balance. So it does helps a lot. I don't have any bias to any genre music, I listen to all. The perfect combinations of sounds produces great music. And I also love how music relates so much with my life. It accurately describing the emotion within the song. That's why I love it so much.

Equal to a song. Enough said. XD. Its an expression of the emotion combinations of words and music. Assembled it properly and there you see a song is created. Since I like both things, I wondered if I can create a song. So I tried. I know that great songs are created by talented people. Even though I'm not sure if I do have any talent in this, but its not wrong if we tried something new aren't we? hehehe... So after a while, a song is born written by me :)

Actually, it is still unfinished because I still working out on the chords with the helps from my friend and also changes need to be made to make it as a good song. But here I showed sneak peek of the outro;

though you're not mine,
but I'm still gotta thanks to you,
for giving me the chance,
to had a faith and try to love again...

heheh.. forgive me for being totally cheesy in the song.. Hahaha.. I guess you can easily figure out what the song about.. after I finished it thoroughly, I will post it here.. ^___^

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