Thursday, May 27, 2010


I love sleeping.. actually. But I sleep only during the night time, reviving the energies that been drained out the whole day. Normally I sleep for 7-8 hours. I wake up on my own after 8 hours sleeping. Weird isn't it? My biological clock of sleeping doesn't have a consistence pattern which makes me worried. Some weeks I laze around sleep at the dawn and wake up at noon. Some days I sleep early on the night and wake up early as well. When I busy with assignments or exams, I sleep only for 2-3 hours. And some days I don't sleep at all. Yes, I do have Insomnia. So, whenever Insomnia starts kicking in and starts worsening my days, I have to take sleeping pills and sleep for hours.

But strangely, since after secondary school, I rarely take afternoon naps. I don't know the reason tho. Then until now, I don't sleep at noons even how tired or hectic my day that time. I just sleep at night. One theory that I made by myself is maybe because I grown tired sleeping too much (what??) hahaha.. but yeah, since I was form 3 until the last day in school, I was called sleepyhead. Why? because you would hardly to see me awake in class. Hahahahha. I don't know what made me tired the whole day but yeah I sleep a lot. So after I sleep a lot, it makes me sick. Or maybe there is a thought in my unconscious mind telling me that I've been in my own world way too much time that I should spend to live in real world now. Maybe, just maybe.

Anyway, what amused me actually is that my friend can take a nap for hours. It more to sleep to me rather than nap. Sometimes I envy them because they can let their body rest by napping because I can't. huhuhu.. I just can let myself doing nothing and take it as a rest.

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