Wednesday, July 14, 2010

non-excited start

serious. I don't feel the excitement that I usually felt when the new semester comes in. I don't know why. Maybe because I've been here all along for the intersession and the Induksi and MAP thingy makes me felt the day is longer. So when I wake up on the first day, I feel nothing. I guess, I understand now why we need semesters breaks. ehehhe..

Okay, today I might be able to finish all the registration thingy. Later going to register my senggang, yes although I already in the third year, I still have a few credit hours left =.=". Then I think if there is time, I want to go to UKP to pay my repeated subjects fee.. RM240 minds you.. Left me suffering with least money for the next few months. I'm reconsidering the idea of having part-time jobs right now. I am uber sensitive for money right now. And who says money doesn't matters? It does.

I'm thinking that my life is completely a mess. I don't what makes me think like that, but I do feel like something missing. The joy maybe. I should take some of the things in my life less seriously I think.

People around me thinks that I'm getting matured. Hey, I'm not really okay, I just grown up. Experiences teach us on how to handle our own life in better way. I'm not as blur and take thing for granted as I was in first year. I understand more now about how the things work, so for sure I do handle my life at least in academic side a bit better than I was before.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I already in the third year? lalalala.. hahah I feel so old but hey, I'm in the same age with most second year and first year students. hehehehhe. Fuhh.. I seriously don't know what to expect in this third year's life but what the heck, I should just make the most of it and the best that I can ^___^

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