Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bila saya rajin..

I post 2 entries or more in a day. That's what usually happen. Or I'm just plainly bored. Just finished tuning my guitar, but seriously I need to change the strings.. but... sigh.. I wish money grows up on money tree.

ermm.. Actually there's nothing much to write. I'm tired to correct other people not to call me kakak. I'm 19, okay. I might be younger than you or just a year older than you. No need to call sis or whatever. Just call my name is better.

I have a 10-minutes oral presentation this Friday. Whaatt? First week and I already have to present. I guess that how third years work. I guess, its time to research more about this hydro meteorology thingy..

And now I'm still waiting for intersession result to come out. Hopefully I get an A. French is the only hope left to boost my pointer. Being hanging on the stake is not fun.

p/s: I'm bored. I thought my schedule will be packed. But its good, at least I can have a rest for this week from whatever happening..

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