Saturday, July 10, 2010


busy all week.. now I got the chance. Last night was the end of my job as Liaison Officer MAP 2010/2011. Its been a fun, hectic, frustrating, annoying, tiring and so forth week. Living a week in Cempaka gives me an incredible experience on how to handling a big group which is mostly older than me. All the problems and frustration from this week I think I just want to keep it myself. No needs to vent it out anymore since its already over. But sorry to say cempaka-ians, I mean not everyone is mean and annoying right? however, I think I don't really want to stay at Cempaka any longer. To all cempaka-ians who read this, I'm very sorry. Saya tak suka bila dicakapbelakangkan. Just talk to me gently not harshly if you think I'm wrong. I can take it. Seriously there are times that I've had the fun but it is not what I expected, the bonding especially, its not really the best experience I had. It is the rough time. So I kind a disappointed a little bit thinking that I might enjoying all this but no, I'm not. So if next year there are changes by means, from management about this MAP, maybe I'll take part again. I don't really care about the tiring part, because handling new students is tiring. BUT, if it still looks the same like this year or worse, sorry to say, I rather be regular senior student.

Anyway, thanks for the experience. I think this might be useful in another time. Sorry for those who read this and terasa.

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