Saturday, July 17, 2010

~ I addicted with cute things... and orange.. and monkeys...

~ I am officially flat broke.. and I need money

~ Want to watch despicable me...harap2 jadi

~Airplanes and Love the way you lie has been invaded and stuck in my brain since the past few days. Can't get it off and it gradually becomes a habit to sing it whenever and wherever..

~Being half-vegetarian for almost 2 weeks.. Woahhh.. I even turned down a McD double-cheese burger offer from a friend! I'm doing good..

~ Thoughts of having boyfriend has been rise again recently. I don't know why.

~ Third year and everyone seems busy, but we still have to catch up time to hang out..

~ Its first weekend for this semester and I am deadly bored...

~cut my fringe.. and my hair looks like Nodame's hahahah.. want to make it pitch black.. no more shades of brown..

~ Thinking about to start dancing back. I think my left feet is healed. I think. But I guess I can start to dance back

~ Haven't checking out the juniors.. teehee~ (lie) Fine2, I did check them out during MAP but during that week all looks blur and skema.. huhu

~ And I have nothing more to say~

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