Friday, March 11, 2011

after a while

blog yg bersawang dan makin usang sudah lama tidak diupdate2..
sibuk and malas nak rambling ak tentu pasal hidup I yg tak terurus..too many works.. rasa macam dah berkejaran sana-sini.. tapi, still masih banyak lagi kerja need to be done..

anyway this one month i left the blog I think I should summarized a few things happen in my life.
  • umm..what to starts 1st.. my life for that one month is pretty much inconsistence.. there are always ups and downs. During holiday I spent time with families and fever keep comes and go through out that week.
  • oh ya, before the holiday I participate in SGT. It s Sakura Got Talent and I danced that night. SOLO. Due to lack practice and I only give myself one week to choreograph it myself.. that 5 minutes is I don't knowhow to describe it.. I'm nervous, I astonished, I embarassed.. Lots thing happen during that 5minutes. My performance not that good, not good as I expected, I even fell down at the end.. adeh , malunya...
  • after holiday aIAa got my new license and yada2! all of sudden I have guts to drive here and there. Is it because its not P anymore? hahahhaah
  • on 26th and 27th me and girlfriends go for a short vacation before the busy things happen at Damai Puri & Spa Resort. It was awesome....Serious awesome...
  • Then, back to become depressed with all those works...
  • There arelotsof pictures but sigh.. mls btul mo upload here...
Actually I don't know what else to write on this post..

p/s: I was looking through all my album pictures, and I realized I am getting bigger. Should I start back my vege diet? it works last time.. I haven't weighed on the scale.. The numbers are freaking me out. (self-conscious mode)

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