Monday, October 31, 2011

blaming on what?

today officially jadik fan of He is We. tau tak sape? g google. I first thought band laki.. skali dgar, suara perempuan plak. Actually stumble on their video time cari lagu Greyson Chance.. yang penting I like their songs. ada yang happy, upbeat song, ada jugak yang sad,dark and ominous song. My first fave right now is He is We-Our July in the rain. A very short song but sangat menyayat hati.

anyway post kali ini is about the thoughts yang berlegar dalam minda while hearing their songs. Dalam menghayati lagu2 dorang aku sempat menganalisis sifat2 my past relationships.. well, terfikir, eh, why it doesn't work out? Everything just fine tapi tak sampai ke mana. things I never care before. knapa sampai sekarang I single.. the answer? ntah. I have no idea. but this is perasaan aku about relationship. it scares me out. Being in relationship means you open up your heart to the other half. Open up our heart to someone makes us feel vulnerable. that's the scary part. being vulnerable. entah kenapa, tapi I don't think I'm ready yet to be that close to people. Being hurts once taught you to be more careful next time, no?

ok.dah. mengarut pagi2 buta. bye.

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