Thursday, December 29, 2011


this was tweeted by my friend, Mellvyn. It was awesome, inspiring, breathtaking views. As a person who let say, do not really sleep a lot, I always, watched this moment. I mean the twilight. I sat by the window or sometimes hanging out at the balcony watching the dark blue sky turns bright. Whenever I didn't sleep I always take my time and watch this. It was magnificent to watch with my own eyes and it would be nice if I could capture it like what this blog shown.  This blog makes me feel to have a camera. Even I'm not a trained or skilled photographer, I just want to take the pictures. It would be awesome to have a DSLR camera, cause it helps to capture a better picture, but I'm fine to have a digital camera. As long as I know how to take photograph properly. hehehhehehe :D

Okay. That's enough of berangan. This week is the last week of the year as well as our study week. Bummers. I just got back from Port Dickson three days ago, I haven't edited the pictures and I am so lazy to edit it. We were too busy with jams and shoppings, we just taken few shots. hahaha. Anyway, next post will be about the trip, plus the pictures. :) it's been a while to type a long post with pictures. hehehehe

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