Saturday, December 10, 2011

officially busy

It's the typical last two weeks before study week. All things we've learned are applied and compiled in one or two projects... assignments, quizzes.. It's really common among students. However this time around it's different kind of busy. The projects are more complicated and demanding high level of skills. Lots and lots of sleepless nights yet works seems never finish.. sigh. A bit exaggerating, eh? but truly, it's been a while I have a good rest. But I endure all that because I already determined to try the hardest this semester. Semester one of my fourth year is gonna end soon, and I really,really, really want that dean list.

People says grade does not measure intelligence. Yeah, it's true. Nevertheless I still want it.I've gone through a lot of failures along the way.. so, at least I did achieve once. To ease my own heart. Anyway, I just went back from watching Puss in the Boots. Awesomeness! mashing it up with Humpty Dumpty and Jack and the Beanstalk is totally a brilliant idea. hehehe.

And later morning I'll have to go to some visit at museums and SCV. hopefully things go great later.. Shall back to my report. so til the next time....

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