Wednesday, November 30, 2011


not so though. I might have less and less time to blog now. I didn't blog often anyway. Truthfully, I always want to write a lot of things, because writing keeps my calm. Lots of things happen to me lately. I've had fun with my friends too. But emotionally, I kinda unstable right now. Probably due to the stress I've been dealing with. And yeah, it burdens me. I always want to get rid of it by letting it out, but I'm not really good in sharing emotion parts to others. even with my friends. Let alone to blog about it. I don't know perhaps it's a really personal for me. I share a lot of things with my friends but I always left out the "how do i feel about it" part.  I guess I should give a thought on having my own journal, eh? hahaha.. but yeah, when I have awesome things to share I will write in here, and of course my friends will be the first to know. :) oh before I forgot, farewell November, hope to see you again next year. :)

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