Sunday, April 17, 2011

I can't remember when~

the last time I laugh so hard.. ='D

my typical laugh is hmm how I should describe it.? a gesture of giggles and finished it with smile.. seriously, i mean if I laugh 'hard' all this time, just tergoleng2 with no big 'HAHAHA'..

but tonight..I laughed. HARD. the one with big and non-stop HAHAHA. sampai sakit perut.. And it makes me felt wonderful. :)

Reason? nothing much. A cheesy part of my friend's past that makes all of us cringe. HAAHAHAH!

I guess I deserved it. I've been through a lot. A laugh would somehow ease the burden..
Thus, I should be thankful to you my friend. You make me laugh.. XD

p/s: Vanne, kw terharu x baca post tok.? mi goreng! HAAHAHHAHAHA!


ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

gusla tetak camya...awet muda apa...hehe

taytay said...

ya la tek.. kmk pn x tauk kmk da tetak cmya..