Thursday, June 20, 2013

4 more hours. or so...

I was actually in the middle of studying and now I'm spacing out. Then I realized, my head is already crammed in with words but I still don't know if I can answer this coming exam. Yes, you've read it right. COMING exam. Literally around 4 hours to go. my last paper for this semester. My brain decided to stop cramming last-minute revision so at the end here I am after wandering for a while. Anyway, this is going to be end of my 5th year of my 4-year course, and no, it's not the end, yet. Sigh. I still have one more semester to fight.

Honestly, this is pretty a spontaneous post. I suddenly thought that it's been a while that I'm in here. The last post was on 14th February. The valentine's Day. And my post was a quote about the depressing feeling. On a Valentine's Day. wow. I felt pathetic all of sudden. =.="

There's a lot of things going on in my life, definitely. I guess this is pretty much the transition phase, so a lot of things going on. My friends moved on to the real world and for me to observe them is somewhat feeling surreal and I can't help but feel overwhelmed. Because of that, the dynamics of our friendship going through change and evolved. It's harder to hangout casually now, as we live different places and have different priorities in life. Despite that we still look out for each other (thanks to the technologies, it's easier). We have deeper conversations, as we reflect a lot from our own view. I think it's a good change, and I'm adapting it.

Anyway, these thoughts remind me of how far have I gone in my life, how much that I've changed, and make me miss all the good times. Now that I've put words out here, I can continue revising. So, til the other time.

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