Saturday, June 22, 2013


which means waiting in Japanese, if I'm not mistaken.
which what I did the whole day today (technically yesterday but now is just 12.20am so who cares.)
and I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Patience is never been my virtue. That, I am very well aware of. That's why I'm impressed. Since I woke up this morning, my mom asked me to 'tapau' chicken rice from SCR because my grandparents coming, and we have nothing much in the kitchen to cook. So I went to SCR and go 'tapau' something. So I have to wait.

Then, as usual, I have to pick my sister from work, and again I waited for her. Since my mom craving for egg  tart, we went to bakery to buy some egg tarts also other breads because this week somehow a lot of guest coming to our house. Then there is massive jam (comparing to other city in the world, this 'massive' jam is nothing) around Bulatan UITM, so I waited patiently for the traffic jams.

Then this night, my sister and her family came here from KL to visit my mom and I was asked to picked them up. I was told that they arrived at 9pm but probably due to severe haze at Peninsular, they were delayed for 25 minutes. And also, my nephew's stuff was a lot, so we have to wait for the luggage as well.
And so, there I was, eating alone at McDonald and waited.

So that's that. I waited. Patiently. Part of me was proud, part of me starting to get annoyed.

I guess, when we grow up, we become kind. Probably because we tend to understand others feeling. Anyway, I just hope that this positive day continues on. Who likes to be negative all day?

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