Friday, October 22, 2010

aku dan dia..

SERIOUS MATTER: this post is existed because I am super-stressed that I couldn't find any idea to start of my report on bitumen penetration grade and the comparison.

I am Sarawakian, a pure one. And urgh, don't misinterpreted. I'm not posting about politic or my state-ism or whining about how not fair our PM was when the Borneo only get RM10 billion for the next year(yes, I found it so.. no words of describing it). No, I'm not posting anything on it. Not that I'm being ignorance here, because I always concern but that matters, is annoyed me that much and I just really don't want to talk about it.

Move on, this is just in my head. Personal liking, okay.You know, how people nick-naming themselves with their couple? Such as, sayang, honey, baby, darling and so forth. My personal? I like it when my boyfriend (my future boyfriend, supposedly) to call me darling. hehehhe.. Because.. I don't know. I don't know why I don't grossed out when I hear darling but it is when I heard baby or sayang. ahahha Sounds vintage. Maybe because my dad and my mom called themselves like that and I hear it since I was a kid. And I like to call someone 'awak'. Certain people la, such as my dearest friends. Atas sebab yang tak diketahui. I sound like that when I start nak bermanja.. Hahahah... Well I'm the youngest one amongst us all so, once in a while I like to be childish and let them treat me like sisters. hehehhe.. which I did almost everyday.. hehe.. And my friend putting their weird faces when I called them awak.. Then I laugh to myself.. hahaha

Anyway, I should finish my report T___T

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