Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"I failed miserably"
one sentence is negative another one is positive.
I like both quote. I don't know why would I like to say "I failed miserably" as much as "awesome". I found that the word of "miserably" is attractive and the word "awesome" is well, awesome. Basically in my daily life, these are the most sentence that spoken out from my mouth. Is there any scientific research to prove that human beings have some connection with word? Any ways can show me why did I attract with the word of "miserably" and "awesome".
Personal opinion: Its one of human nature. We tend to bias on one specific thing. That's why we tend to have our own favorite color, numbers and so forth. And to me, I have my own favorite words! It sounds weird though. Are you guys have your favorite words too?

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